Need Support From PG

I’m reaching out here on the forums because I’ve been denied 2 times (with 3rd probably by the time I’m done here) by customer support in game. I thought this would be an easy fix, but apparently not.
I bumped the train button while looking at my Grogg skill tree and spent a skill point in error on increase dragon xp gain. I had 0 points in it before and I haven’t used grogg or the dragon since the error. I simply ask for that one point to be refunded or even just put where i want it.
There is no verification process to make sure the skill points are going where I want and since there’s are a finite amount I just want it back.

I understand the frustration however if they complete this it opens up changes to training for other players. Some players couldn’t upgrade the last skill as they used points in the wrong place.

If they do this for you others will most definitely want the same.

@pgjared can you help

Mine errored to but there are other ways to earn these points back. I remember one time I didnt let my event menu load while hitting open 10 gold chests and had no clue if I got them or not before some error happened. Best thing to do is write a ticket for the problem “errors” can be fixed for the next. Many more opportunity to come for skill points and in my case gold chests. Also what really helps is screen shots with time and dates.

HI! In terms of rider training, the reason that support can not help you out with your Grogg skill tree is that we don’t have the tools just yet for riders. That being said, the team is working on getting us new tools to fully support them. Even with them, we generally don’t roll back accidental clicks.

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You reply as if you work for pg yet your forum name
Is not an employee??

I am an employee. I just don’t have PG in my IGN. I just got introduced on here: Welcome Arelyna!


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@pgjared. Can you amend the account to show employee. Confused me lol,

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Her name is in red, that’s how I knew she was an employee, and welcome Arelyna!

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It’s all good! It happens. Too bad there’s no TARDIS for you to use.

I’m still waiting for eggtokens boss the MysticEgg to appear, would be a good use of the tardis.

That’s actually false. You guys regularly rollback accidental clicks. As long as the player has done as this person stated and not made any other moves or modifications on their account and the ticket is opened right away, you guys will always fix it for us. You’ve done it for me twice now during fort events where I’ve been trying to spend speed ups fast and accidentally used rubies. I know of a host of other players that have had stuff like that rolled back.

Welcome to the team! I can understand how turning back skill points could be abused by a minority of the players trying to get an unfair advantage, but my situation is clearly not that.
I notified you immediately after it happened, i still have not used the dragon and rider so i don’t benefit even a tiny bit from the mistake, and it is a mistake that will impact end game seeing as Grogg gets 50 skill point’s at expert level and 70 slots i won’t be able to ever finish my planned route in his skill tree.

It seems like a big penalty for a mobile game that has no safeguards like a verification pop up when misclicking ous extremely easy to do

She’s right that we don’t generally roll back accidental clicks. Exceptions may have been made for you in the past, but that doesn’t change the general policy. She’s also right that we don’t have the tools right now to directly manipulate riders in a way that we can with, say, dragons.

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Just a side note here:

I would just keep the Drag XP click anyways. You will end up with 1 skill point left over at the end and you probably don’t want lightning reisist (It will negatively impact Necryxx and it will have little impact on the other 3) , so there’s a whole bunch of points you can save.

That being said; @PGJared, I understand how difficult it can be to juggle this type of thing, but I feel you could push to have department heads coordinate better to make sure support has tools necessary to support the major aspects of the game as they are introduced (ie: this new CRM should probably have been rolled out before it was needed).

Granted , some people are gonna have requests you simply can’t anticipate and/or fullfil, that is life. But for the majority, your team should have tools to support content as it is released.

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Must be nice. I’ve asked a couple times for the ruby deal during fort and got the Im sorry we haven’t got to code a “are you sure you want to spend” button for that. Apparently it’s more important to verify spending a 12 hour timer over spending 17k rubies when the heat from you finger accidentally triggers that button that’s way too close to the timers section

Hey, I agree. I’d love to have tools to handle everything. Right now the tools for Dragon Riders are still being built out, since technically it’s beta content. They are in the works though.