Need technical assistance - Can't open the game


Since I have purchase my note 8, I have been unable to launch the game.

But in the topic for hotfix for android another player was saying he was able to play the game.

If possible can someone from technical support give me a list of setting to check on my note 8 that could block the loading of the game.

Here is the list of what I have tried so far:
Disable game booster
Clear cache and data
Uninstall reinstall game
Batterie saver off
Resteictwd data off
Reducing video quality to minimum

None of the above are working.

Thanks in advance for your help.

any specific error?

A screenshot of the error message pls if there’s any.

I would like to show you a screen shot but i can’t

My issue is exactly word for word the following:

Clicking the icon of the game
Half a sec later i got blackscreen like the apps open
And then it close itself and return to my smartphone homescreen.

As an alternate, is it possible to reset your note 8 to factory settings before trying again?

I could but before doing that I prefer to see what pg team will say.

If it’s a software issue i don’t want to factory reset for nothing …

Also if pg could change their game engine that would make it easier for every one.

I’ve discussed with friend on iphone and android. And we all agree on one thing we can’t grasp why the game ask so much from phone as it is.

We know war dragons got very low to no game similar to it. But from point of view of software we don’t understand how a game like that ask so much ressource. Game like lineage2 revolution ask way less in 30 vs 30 on one maps …

This just make no sense to me…

Pg got hard time to connect 2 or your teammate and 3 opponent together while other game succeed in 30 vs 30.

Sorry for the venting here but last year i’ve purchase a moto z droid and this game was the only game with graphical bug to no end. They told me it was compatibility issue … bassicly i was not using one of the most popular brand.

After a year i said ok i got my moto z who go bad with game and start not working properly I will change for the best. I’ve choosen galaxy note 8. And now it’s worse than before can’t even open the game.

But i can run lineage 2 revolution at max graphic and do split window multitasking with no lag. Discuss with friend on line , play lineage 2 and read some stuff on the net.

I’m kinda desperate here because I’m trying to understand their side of this issue ( that what i do before criticing them or judging other.)

This is making me so mad … after a year of playing …

I will go take so fresh air and I will come back later when pg reply

Have you already tried cleaning your device’s memory? Not just WD’s data and cache. This works for me.

Did it just happen after the 3.9.1 update? If so, clearing the cache and memory of the game might help.
Sometimes my android gets stuck on black screen, hard to close 3-5 times until the “App Not responding” message shows up, then I can forced close the app

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I’ve tried reset the setting of the Phone dind’t work

The Phone was purchase on december 21 in the evening the patch was live before i got the phone

Now i Will try factory reset by deleting everything. I hope this will solve the issue

Nope even with factory reset nothing work.

Very desapointed here

Can you try to connect to another network?

I’ve tried it and nothing change. The game simply doesn’t launch

Just for clarification, are you currently connected to WiFi? Have you already tried connecting to other WiFi network?

I have tried on wifi and on cellular network

Did you clear the cache and data of the app specifically? You can try uninstalling the app, clearing the cache/data of the play store application then reinstalling the war dragons app.

Another thing you could try (and I know it doesn’t make sense) is to try turning the airplane mode on and then off. This will basically refresh the internet settings, but it sounds more like an application issue than an internet issue.

How about connecting to other WiFi network > reconnect to your previous network?

I’ve try multiple time to clear cache , uninstall the game not working

Try the air planes modes and still not able to load the apps. It just not opening

Try changing the screen resolution. Messing with that worked for some people.

I did a short video of my note 8 problem look at the link below

Forscience i’ve try to change my resolution from basic to hd and from hd to uhd nothing work :frowning: