Need technical help

My gf is trying to play wardragon.
But the following issue appear.
When you try to enter the game, its able to complete loading, the sync error message appear after you try to click something, the same thing will happen after u forcequit and try again.

We tried restart phone, reinstalling app etc but nothing works, cant even log in, it keep showing sync error.
The phone is iphone 7+

If it helps, this happened after referral code was applied.

In my account which i invited her, she is shown as online.
But she isnt, i hope thid help.

First, do not expect players to watch the video and work on pausing the video so they can read the message. If you are to lazy to post the message she is getting then expect us to be just as lazy and not bother finding out what is wrong. This is kind of a rule in gaming forums.

Second, the game often shows people online when they are not and offline when they are online. Usually it is correct but it is just not reliable.

Also, PG seems to be having some issues with the game this weekend showing up in various forms.

Ok sorry. Lemme edit the first post.

Now that is the type of information needed to start the ball rolling.

I suggest filling out a ticket in game, on her device, explaining what you just added to your OP and the exact wording of the error.

@Arelyna has been tagged, yea, she likes being tagged in the forums.

Filling out a ticket is the best way to get this looked into. Please be aware that our support queue is a bit impacted right now, so responses may take a little longer.

This happens a lot it isn’t unusual

I’ve seen myself offline most of the time :joy:

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