Need to block farming

We don’t like to be farmed daily b the same guy over and over. However PG said it can’t be stopped. I disagree. Here is how.
Give us a blacklist!

  1. Each player can have a blacklist of 10 spots.
  2. Once blacklisted, your bookmark will be dropped from that person.
  3. No attack allowed from blacklisted for 48 hours, leading or following.
  4. War or PvP events bypass the blacklist effects.
  5. You cannot attack blacklisted players outside of war or PvP event.

What do you all think?


I think it seems reasonable.

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Why does everyone get so upset by farmers? Just ignore them. They can’t do anything to you other than be annoying.


Or you can spend 20 rubies to change your name. Then after an hour change it back. Bookmark dropped. Just dont email the player in game.


I completely agree- though I rarely get farmed … the other thing that you can do is politely ask them to stop or hit them back.

Nope. That person can search your team, and find you. they also like to mail you before they start farming.

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Tried and failed. Some people like to farm other players. They’re even use their low level teammates to lead attacks, so they can get more from you.

Some people are just nasty.

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This sounds overly complicated. How about spending 100 rubies to hide in a safe space for 24 hours where the bad man cannot get you?


Ignoring is always the best approach
I.e., kinda the opposite of starting a thread over it. #PersonalOpinion


If they are going through all that trouble…
A. You hoard too many resources and are a sitying duck. Or
B. You did something to piss them off.

Either way, eventually somebody farming you will get tired of it and move on

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True. I personally never had any issues with it. .

I love when people farm me!!! You are all welcome to doing so lol.

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Lol !!

Nope. Some people has farming as their morning ritual. Farm people while they are sleeping, use resources, and exit game.
Repeat daily. So annoying.

I don’t really care about when I get farmed. I ignore them, unless I’m on to defend (if I even feel like defending) or especially if they’re trying to take my sh!t during a fort/feeding event. If they’re farming me, they aren’t participating in the rest of the game; helping teammates, leveling dragons, etc. I don’t think this proposal is necessary.

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ignore or do the same. may be you get extra resources. Just say. :thinking:

What do you lose, besides rss? I get that it sucks during fort or feeding, but outside those 2 events, who cares? Hit me 24/7 if you want, what do I lose? NOTHING.

The number ONE way to avoid being farmed, DON’T do revenge attacks, ever. You will ALWAYS find the one asshole that also does revenge attacks, to every single person that attacks them. So now you go back and forth and you “think” you are being farmed…


Or, get the team coordinate in atlas… if anyone from CatNapping here, hurry up come to atlas :see_no_evil:

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Ignoring is one of the best choices. They get bored and move on. If you react, it feeds their interest.

However, the best deterent I’ve seen was when Kora mushroomed from a double digit to a +200 level. Her ex-boyfriend left her alone after that. :smirk:

Build a defendable base