Need to know the details of rider reset

Did any one make rider reset?
Just want to know as i want to reset one of my atlas rider.
But afraid as there are lots of glory points & red stones involve.
If reset, then should i get all the glory points & red stones back to reset my rider again?
Or should I set my rider as fresh by collecting red stones & glory point?
Appreciate all of your guideline.

According to this, only the skill…

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I know i have to do it to which sucks but aye all good i have one i screwed up on

@Fryfly895 the feature only removes all previously allocated skill points and lets you customize the skill tree again, but it doesn’t affect your rider’s level.

E.g: Malus lv 50, taylored to get Rider XP and for sorcerers, but you want to make him a Hunter rider with Dragon XP boost. For 10k diamonds you can do that, and Malus will stay lv 50 following @OrcaFrost’s link.

As the answer has been found, I am closing the thread. Please let me know if it needs to be reopened.

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