Need WD advice...Ask me

I’m writing an advice column geared toward WD gameplay. If you need advice submit a question via in game mail. I’ll publish responses in the first edition of The Weekly Sun.
Send questions to Katavina responses will not mention players by name.

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do you plan to post your advice column here?

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"Dear Kat,

There is this team that keeps hitting my team in Atlas. I don’t like them but I try to hit back and they don’t have any castles. I think they called themselves the Spoopy Pirates or something. They are really annoying and keep hitting our castles, even if we leave 500k troops on a level 25 taunter. We bubble almost every day because this team is just too much to bear. I have no clue of what to do now, and the rest of my team comes crying to me every day. We are losing the motivation to carry on and even play the game because we just get hit all the time by them.

Help me, Katavina! You’re my only hope!

A beaten down crying Atlas player"


Yes it will be posted in The Weekly Sun news initiative.

Hey Kat,

Ok here is something I’d like explained about Atlas.

When reverse sniping an invading enemy at your castle, how does quitting early affect my glory vs frustrating their attack based on each prim type and tier?

I know generally how this works but would love to see a decision tree chart so I don’t have to think much about it in the moment,



How do I join a pirate team?

your best advice regarding wd would be


Well that was disheartening.

I need some advice

WD advice :thinking:

What do we (F2P - little spender, small players) need to do to have comparable bases to those standing on the top? :eyes:

Obviously, other than spend more / buy more pack :eyes:

Send me a mail n ask away. But I feel like I should be asking you for advice :face_with_hand_over_mouth::kissing_heart:

:cry: Mine got ignored?

So did mine… :sob:

Answers will be published in the weekly sun I’ll share a link when it’s published


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