NEED YOUR HELP! Crafting Table Data Pull

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what craft is next?
Are you upset that @OrcaFrost and @Morreion don’t have access to the drop tables?

I’m tired of it, so i’m starting a table gathering mission to make the drop sequence. The more people we have, the less time it will take.


  1. We are starting after the Elite gear has been added to the tables and commons are removed.
  2. Please be an ethical individual. If you are going to input false info just to mess with this, i’m going to be sad and will kick a puppy (kidding but need to know how serious this is)
  3. If you prove yourself to have unclean data, please do not put it in the table. If you legit miss a few, no big deal, leave those cells blank. If you are unsure of how many you missed, make a note in your column
  4. Each individual will take a column and record crafts in the order they are completed.
    This means that you do NOT click on your forge and collect multiples at once and then record the 2 or 3 in whatever order you want. If you do this by accident, skip that many cells and go again fresh.
    This means that in order to find out the order you MUST go into the forge this way:
  • RIDER > GEAR > CRAFT GEAR > then you may collect your gear from LEFT to RIGHT.
    This is the way you accurately record the data, if you do it differently then i’m sorry you shouldn’t participate.
  1. If you want to protect your data (like i’m doing) create your own sheet and reference in the data to the group/master. I’ve done mine as an example and i will show you my personal sheet below. I’d recommend it, because if someone decides to play games in here i’m going to have to shut the sheet down and do this privately with individuals.

I’m trusting you guys on this
My sheet

How I referenced it into the master. Use the cell below your name and the function i used here, with the first reference being the sheet ID (see sheet above for location/where to find) and then the range

Link to Participate:


So what is going to happen after the data is gathered is that i’m going to try to splice it all together. Many people may have the same or overlapping sets of data, and that is GOOD because we can confirm patterns, repeated sequences, and dig down into exactly how long the chain is.

At the end of this, i’d love to give the data table to Morreion to integrate into his website :slight_smile:


I had completed 315 crafts where I was recording all drops, but then I finished my last set of Legendary and stopped crafting.
I will start up again when the Elite comes out and will record my data, and add to the spreadsheet.


I love all of the colored cursors moving around the sheet at once :joy: I’ll wait til the initial rush of activity dies down, but I’m happy to help with any intellectual WD endeavors :+1:


No pressure :sweat_smile:



If you need to extend it down further feel free to modify

Should be less work than the drop tables lol, just pull sequencing instead of 2 fields :slight_smile:

I believe in you

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Cool! Thanks for letting me help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for participating!

The more people we have, the more segments we can cover at once since this may be a LONG chain (up to what, several hundred long? 1600?)

Going to start crafting again for elite so I think I might participate too. You won’t see anything fishy here, I either do it perfectly or I don’t at all.


That was the plan, to give people a bit of notice before hand so they can get set up, then it’s as easy as remembering and jotting it down in your phone.

I’m putting a shortcut link to this sheet directly on my home screen for easy access :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, where’s the other sheet that you are apparently pulling data from? I reserved a column and saw reference to data from another sheet. :eyes:

It’s on my google drive, just set up a random sheet for yourself and reference it in. If you need help doing it then just PM me and i can walk you through it.

I’ll probably pester you via Line not the forums :rofl:


would love to help! Was planning on recording mine anyways for giggles so im glad it’ll be helping us all at the same time.


I’m going to start crafting right now. I’m always happy to help

Will start crafting after the crafting event :slightly_smiling_face:

Do we have to keep track of the type like wether it’s gloves shield helmet etc ?

Once I figure out how to link to the main count me in

Strange. It won’t let me log anything now