Need Your Help Dragon Lords - Need Awesome Images of Apophet

I need your help Dragon Lords, we have 2 members with team jackets as pictured.

One with Gunnar & one with Somnus. There is an idea for another one featuring Apophet. Unfortunately, the only graphics I can find of this dynamic dragon are ones posing
in the dragon’s den. That will not do Apophet justice. I am looking for something
with this dragon flying in all his glory with the Summon out front & either the
Nightfall Ring or the Nocturnal Fissure activated. That would be dramatic & dynamic.
I would appreciate any help you can provide. If you have any images or links with
these graphics, please post as they will be much appreciated.
This would make such a cool jacket so I hope you can help. Thanks


I’ll attack you ingame if you like, so you can have a few samples and record or screenshot him flying

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Thanks, that was my Plan B as the text graphics get in the way so it will be very tricky to remove them. I hope there are some good images around so I don’t have to resort to photoshopping a screenshot. We shall see… Thanks for your reply.