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There are a few things that bother me with the UI, some are only cosmetic so I will list in the order of what I find most important to least important. The swap button is being handled and there is another thread for it, please don’t discuss that here. Feel free to add anything else you can think of:

  1. The inability to see inside of buildings while they are upgrading. This is especially annoying for the Breeding Castle. It would also be nice to see how many resources we need for the next level of a building before rushing its completion. I also think we should be able to use food/lumber protection while our storage is upgrading. The only thing I’m not sure on is if we should be able to forge items while the Forge is upgrading or breed dragons while the Breeding Castle is upgrading.

  2. Having to search different areas of the game to find resources and items on your account. It would be nice to have every useable resource or item on one screen.

  3. Viewing dragons through the Dragons Den is clumsy. Its easier to view/upgrade dragons through the Perch.

  4. Show the dragons spells and element type the first time you click on them, we shouldnt need to go into the Training screen to see this basic information.

  5. Make all of our dragons viewable at the bottom of the screen without having to scroll left/right.

  6. What’s with the player portrait? Did someone fail the game of putting the square peg into the square hole? :wink:

I really enjoy War Dragons and would love to see it polished up a bit, thanks for your time and effort PG.


You can actually access the forge while it is upgrading, but it is a bit obscure on how to do so. To access the forge and forge items while the forge is undergoing upgrades, you have to tap the store icon and select the “resources” tab. Then you have to scroll all the way to the right, where it says “forge.” If you tap that button, it will take you inside the forge even while upgrades are still in progress.

I wish they’d make it easier to access this building while it’s upgrading (not that I need to upgrade mine anymore). And wish we could have similar access to other upgrading buildings. Especially the breeding castle, as you mentioned.


You can access the breeding castle from Research Hall, tap the eggs.


Also the storage hut, sucks not being able to use protection boosts due to storage upgrades.


That seems too simplistic to me. If it is upgrading then it makes sense not to be able to use it. If you can simply use it any time you want even when making it stronger that takes out an important strategy part of the game. The only real concern I saw was breeding dragons during a breed event if the Castle is upgrading but that was already taken care of in the event menu.

I dont think we should make these things easier. It is all part of planning and strategy.


With that logic, you shouldnt be able to store any resources while your storage is upgrading. Also, the people above you gave work arounds for the Breeding Castle and the Forge. If there are secret ways to access those while upgrading, is that how the game was intended to be played? Arent those considered “exploits”? Is it fair to players who dont know the exploit?


The ability to see the information of a tower, like its actual power and maybe the next stage after the completion of the upgrade is interesting, but using main buildings while they are upgrading, I don’t feel like it should be done. Using production boosts should be ok on storage in my opinion, storage is just standing there protecting resources, and breeding in event while you’re upgrading your castle is a fair move to allow everyone access to breeding, but only during the event. However you should not be able to forge or incubate, or do anything with an upgrading building, unless you think about a good reason why we should.
I agree that the Dragon den could be easier to use, like sorting Dragons you own, choosing the tiers you want to display or be able to change the order of the tier (higher>lower) for Dragons you own.
I often wondered why the ‘dragon banner’ was so short too, there is plenty of space on both sides to show your entire rooster, but I don’t know how hard it would be to make it wider…

Thanks for your suggestions, I think they deserve some thoughts to improve the gaming experience of many players. :+1:


I agree with your points 2-5. 6 I am not sure what you are talking about, my portrait seems fine.

As far as the upgrading buildings I repeat< I dont believe they should be usable while upgrading.> Dont argue semantics with me, this is my opinion, you are entitled to your own as well.

If there are work arounds for some buildings then those should be removed, not added to to allow access to other buildings.


How am I arguing semantics? You are using that phrase incorrectly, common mistake. If buildings shouldn’t be useable while upgrading, then how do you explain storing resources while your Storage is upgrading? How about the builder/s while the Builder Hut is upgrading?

I agree it should be consistent, either buildings should be useable while upgrading, or they shouldn’t. Those exploits should at least be fixed if we dont want the Forge and Breeding Castle to be used while upgrading.

I do at least think that viewing what’s inside of them should be ok either way (i.e. seeing inside the Breeding Castle and seeing what it takes for the next upgrade on a building while its upgrading).

As for #6, I mean this:

Not a big deal, but its kind of ugly. Either make the portrait border square shaped, or make the portrait fit all the way inside of the circle.


And can we kill the random shaking?


You dont like the square, circle, diamond? lol. I see what you mean. :smile:

Semantics:The meaning of a word, phrase, sentence or text. You added meaning to my statement that was not there nor implied. You started talking about what other people posted which has nothing to do with my statement in any way. Therefore, you were arguing semantics.

Storage is simply a building. It doesn’t do anything special by holding resources. My food can be piled on the ground while it is upgrading, that doesn’t matter. However, it cannot be used to boost production or protection while being upgraded and therefore cannot be “used” while upgrading.

As stated before, my opinion is that none of the buildings should be usable during upgrade. Forge, Castle, Incubator, Storage. I have no issue if we could look inside to see next dragon or whatever but not to be used while upgrading.


Well, you could say I was arguing semantics by using a different definition of “use”, though you didnt make your definition of the word clear. To me, the storage is used to store resources. Do we only “use” a tower when we click on it to activate the super shot?

Pointing out that work arounds are available to “use” the Forge and Breeding Castle while they are upgrading is not arguing semantics, as I’m using your same definition of “use”. I would guess that PG have known about these work arounds for a long time but dont ban people for using them, so is it ok, or not? If it’s ok in PG’s eyes, then it should be made so everyone can do the same thing without knowing a special trick to do so.


I could argue your use of the phrase “special trick”. If you are aware of your base and what everything in your game does then you should have already found those work arounds. Notice how I don’t call it an exploit? Those routes to access the buildings are not a glitch, they have been there for years. That doesnt mean I agree with them. In my opinion they should not be there.

I found them on my own by being aware of my base and making sure I knew what everything does and where it goes. There is no users manual for this game. Even online “Tips and Tricks” don’t cover half of what we are capable of doing. That is why the team dynamic is so important. It is important to have a knowledgeable team that shares information with each other.

I also want to know what everything does and how it does it so I can report issues properly to PG. I see many posts where people are complaining and it is simply that they do not know how things work in the game.

As I said, your suggestions are valid, but I dont think these buildings should be accessible during upgrades.

Edit: Everyone can do the same things. We can learn how things work, ask questions and play the game. PG isn’t holding out on us but everyone seems to want everything handed to them on a silver platter.


If it’s not a glitch, then you are saying that PG made the game with the intention of having backdoors to those buildings while they are upgrading. When you click on your Forge and it shows you the time left for the upgrade, people assume you aren’t allowed to use it. Being aware of your base has nothing to do with it, you have to search for a way to access buildings when the most obvious way to do so doesnt allow you to. You make it sound like these work arounds are ok because they have been there forever and because you were able to find them on your own, then you say they should be removed.

My main issue is consistency. If the Forge and Breeding Castle are ok to be used while upgrading, then it should be clear and other buildings should have the same ability. If its not ok, then those work arounds should be removed. I dont have a preference one way or the other. I just think we should be able to see more than the time left for the upgrade.


We have already agreed to a majority of the points in this thread so I am going to stop responding after this. You started this thread by saying that you thought we should be able to use production/protection boosts even when storage is upgrading but now you say you don’t care either way. Did you change your mind? That is the only point we disagree on.

I said we should all pay attention and be aware of our surroundings in game. It is the same as at home, at work, driving a car, etc.

I have not needed to upgrade my forge for more than a year as it is maxed so I have never needed the work around. I also don’t buy gems ever but I still looked through the resource tab in the store (while checking my surroundings) and found the forge access there. In the breeding castle it gives a link to the research tower (not sure if it can be used while upgrading because, again, Research tower is maxed and I never needed to worry about it) and that led me to believe that the castle could be accessed through the research tower too. Lo and behold, I discovered how by searching around in my research tower.

In my opinion it is as much about critical thinking as it is learning your surroundings. Too many people want everything spelled out for them. That is not the way the world works and I dont think it should be the way this game works. If someone doesnt know you can access these things then it is due to them not paying attention and doing the research themselves, not because PG didnt tell them.

Take care Bud. You have some good suggestions. I am sure I will see you in other posts too.:smiley:


This has been bugging me for ages :arrow_down: :

Is this happening because Anuba is on a perch? Or is this because of the Hallowe’en theme? :arrow_down: :


@Kenny7928 what random shaking?


I think he means the earthquake, when you get hit? That shakes my base


He can turn that off in the settings by deselecting “dragon effects” in the graphic section. @Kenny7928


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