Needing advice on seasonal choices

Not sure where to start this, but I need some advice on what direction I should be taking for this season.

I finished Haku and egg token bonus, prize 45 for saito is my next sigil purchase(so I’m slightly over halfway done). I started this season thinking I would def. be getting a mythic(Ronin) as this is my 3rd season and I’ve never had a mythic because of poor decisions made in previous seasons. I might have over committed because I even started getting the dark atlas elite gear(Gauntlets and legs).

I don’t feel like base boost is going to help me because it’s so late in the season already so I won’t get the full benefit. Goda is very underwhelming to me(only reason I would get him is because I don’t have a divine fire drqagon), Kaiji is meh(I don’t want another ice dragon) and Kazane is ok? Sakura looks amazing but won’t have a key. I’m not sure what info I need to provide, but I’m starting to doubt if I will even be able to get Ronin this season… Currently I have 100k rubies saved up, no gold chests(remember the over committing part? lol). But if I did idk what 3rd branch to choose…

My seasonal dragons I currently have are Gunnar, Haku and Hildr(up to emerald stone). I just had to bench Somnus and Cav because I only got them to plat. I’m currently level 151 and am E2P. I currently have the base atlas riders, Malus and Saito

I’m sorry if this was entirely too lengthy of a post but I’m trying to make an informed decision and now I’m feeling SUPER indecisive. I appreciate any advice.

Finish your ongoing Saito and then save sigils, gold chests and rubies. Then decide on final day of season with super sigil chests availablity.


Kazane is the best offensive rider in the game :man_shrugging:t3:


really? i thought saito would be. maybe i did not see kazanes full stat buffs.

edit: figured that +1 ammo is very good but kazane gives + 24 to a hunter and saito +17 and the other stats can differ for warrior or sorc. tbh that +1 ammo is not really that great, not wat its worth on atlas riders. 10 lvls just to get that skill on malus is a pain in the neck

Saito is slightly better than a hunter specked atlas seasonal rider :woman_shrugging: Depending on what dragon you put the rider on, you’ll likely get much better milage with Kazane…


You mean the base atlas riders or Swan/Malus/et al?

It’s right in her description, @Anduril

(Yes, malus, swan, vana)

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I knew that’s what she said. I was trying to clarify if that’s what she meant to say. I didn’t realize Saito was so good for hunters.

Should I switch pathox’s rider to Kazane? Right now he has Kevana :thinking:

Edit: If pathox doesn’t get Kazane, Ronin will

I think Kazane is more suited to Ronin. She has very high attack balanced by low hp. Ronin’s spells all use attack only, but pathox’ freeze is (partially) based on hp. So on Ronin I think you get the most out of Kazane.


Kazane will be better on Ronin if you speck Kazane out for max attack possibilities since Ronin’s Way of the Blade attack is based on the dragon’s attack power. The extra attack power for that will beat one extra hunter shot IMO.


Ok so I’ll Finish Saito, then wait until the end of the season to see where I’m at(Hoarding everything I can) and if I can get Ronin, I’ll go for Kazane. If I can’t get Ronin I’ll just get Sakura if I can w/o spending rubies/chests. Thanks I didn’t know that Kazane was such a good rider

Kazane is quite a bit better than Saito.

What else would you use an ammo boost on? :rofl:


As said above, finish Saito, wait until the final two weeks to see how far along you are then if you decide to go for it, get Kazane. Crafting shards + extra gold chests make the rider lines very worthwhile.

Saito vs Kazane totally depends on who you’re putting them on. In general Kazane is going to be better for sorcerers, warriors and hunters that are more concerned about their atk than their HP and ammo.

Personally I have swan on Pathox, Kazane will go on Ronin and Saito probably on Gunnar

Also works for sorcerers that couldn’t care less about their attack, like Surt. Since Kazane can also spec +7% attack with +26% hp…

the care more about attack than hp part was just in reference to hunters. Most sorcerers care more about their hp than their attack since most of their spells are dependent on HP.

Having a +1 ammo boost doesn’t automatically make it better than an atlas seasonal…

Comparing two riders, both with a +1 ammo skill, wouldn’t the rider that has like +5%/+4% better stats not be considered a better rider?


If you’ve done the math which I have not done. I was merely asking for clarification. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson, no more making sure I heard someone right. It has to be extremely obvious I didn’t know the 4-5% thing.

I thought you had, as it’s one of the first things I usually do when something comes out. I check the stats/kits. And since I assumed you had done this, I was surprised that it didn’t immediately jump out as being a good hunter rider to you. Oops.