Needing new An different events

So I was thinking, jus an idea see what people think. What about having an event to get the missing stones for past event dragons, challenges to achieve these rewards just like these other events make the stones part of the progression awards, go back to last falls dragons up to this winter, each step progressed get a stone for those dragons along with other prises the kind event could be like a hunt I know people have ideas of what other events would be fun, like the one that a different event each 24 hours, goes for 10 days no wars during this event, good prises including stones for those past dragons, jus an idea, would be nice to have different events in the mix take away from loosing interest, An on some events make maybe short events 3 day events every once an a while mix it up a bit, as I said jus looking for some ideas maybe, it will spark some ideas from everyone

Nono you can stop there…

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Again? FFS just stop.

I’m glad someone finally brought up getting stones for past dragons.


At least one every other day I think - let’s see if we can do one a day!

Come on WD community, we can do this!!!

#bringbackmystones #Iwannamyolddivines #nostalgiajunkie



In fairness though a ONE OFF event wouldn’t be too bad.

Didn’t we have this kinda post 100 times today already? It’ll never happen. Done.

You realise I was being facetious right?


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