NEGATIVE amount of black pearls

So I don’t Know how and why but I have -325 black pearls and I used to have 325 black pearls.
Why it’s happened and how do I fix it??
Did it happened to anyone before?

Did the game implemented a credit system, as buy first pay later? :flushed:

Jk, contact support for it!

Yes, it has, to many players (please use the search feature, found in the upper left corner)

When something like this happen, please open an in-game ticket, and the Support will help you.

May be they did and we’re not aware​:thinking::rofl:

I did, I tried to contact support for a few days now…

then please be patient:

Just make sure you don’t update your ticket as it will refresh it, and itt will act like a new one, getting to the end of the queue.

Spending the black pearls is advised during fortification, as it gives a lot of points, so I would save them, if I were you. (once you get balanced)

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during the many lag issues it may have let u do an upgrade thinking u had enough but when the lag caught up u didn’t i have seen this in other games

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I used my pearls during fort and it’s been like that since… I thought it was some kind of glitch and it’ll be fixed by now and we’ll obviously I was wrong.
I’ll wait for now, thanks for the advice😊


I DID had those pearls. I had 300 pearls and I got about 700 more from gold chests.

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