Negative black pearls?

So apparently I have -250 black pearls… that can’t be right :joy::joy::joy:


@pgjared all yours…

That can happen, but there should be something to block it. Please submit a ticket so our team can investigate and see if the bug is “allowed you to go negative” or “set you negative”.

How do I submit a ticket?

If it was “allowed you to go negative” they are gonna send you a bill for the 250 pearls they loaned you!! :joy:


To submit a ticket, go into the game, press the gear button lower right, press help, that will take you to the help screen. Press the menu button in the upper right and then the + sign to create a new ticket.

Wait 5 minutes for your canned auto response.

Wait 40 more minutes for another canned auto response.


Ok thank you! I submitted one! I didn’t know they changed it to being called tickets

I sure hope not :scream::scream::scream:

Not unless someone exploits it. Usually we just reset to zero and call it a day.

It was fixed! Now I’m to 0. Which is much better than -250

I’d like to open a line of credit please. I promise I’ll pay it back.


Do you have any collateral?

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I have the same issue. I opened 25 or so gold chests and got a really nice amount of black pearls. But when I upgraded the perch I was left with a positive balance last night. Today I check back, and find this:

ticket #466162

Plus the last upgrade I did cost 700 pear;s if I recall right, @PGJared

EDIT: nvm, you already sent a ticket.

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read my post thoroughly again please

their CS ticket count must be high so you have to wait for awhile for it to get it reset back.

is this the new pandemic? Like a season flu or what? LOL

if you count the negative black pearl, egg token bonus and the tower being OP, i wouldn’t be surprised that the ticket count is high.

I got the positive response within 30 minutes, they confirmed the -375 and reset it to 0. Yet I still have no clue whether I just won 375 BP or lost some…

usually, when it goes negative, the system might have thought you have more than enough resource to upgrade it, but it wasn’t and made you negative.

so basically, you got free 375 black pearls.

still remember the time where you can get negative gold chest because you were able to open them even if you have 0.

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