Negative in rubies?

So I’m still kind of new to war dragons only on level 35 but I notice I got some negative in rubies…has anyone experienced that before??

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Contact in-game support, and they can look into it for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much😄


Welcome to the game honey. I greet you with warmest embrace. :hugs:


Better hurry before you get charged for being in the negatives…

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Thanks @Zazrak :wink:

@eXeCr8r they said it was a glitch they apologized and everything is ok :relieved:

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I have that same issue and have a ticket open

Can someone take a look at my ticket ?

Might want to add your ticket number👍


They should tell you something soon they got back to me right away

THey got back to me but they didn’t help my issue they told me to reset it and it didn’t work

I had the same thing and she said it was a glitch just keep telling them that it’ not It changing because whatever Rubies you win will go towards paying off. The negative rubies

I hope this sort of helps you get some results from customer service guys…:blush:

Just let them know it didn’t work and they’ll be able to follow up with you.

Yes and no it pays off from the system but not other sources I looked into it