Neither Mythic looks terribly exciting

The hunter looks like a glass cannon. While glass cannons can be a tonne of fun we just had Cal. And to be honest I like that Cal starts with full rage so he can run as two separate roles. Straight out nuker or clean up.

I cant help but think it would of been nice to have a replacement for Hau2. (Setup style) or a hunter that could provide a niche combat role.

On paper the warrior looks like a nerfed version of Quasar. Like Quasar he has lots of AoE nuke like skills but with a much lower hp modifier. I like that he has a speed buff at least that provides some utility but the cooldown is so long that I question if its really going to be of much use.

So in summary anyone that has Cal and Quasar like myself likely isn’t going to see either option as something that will enhance their lineup.

And look I don’t want an auto win max tower dragon I just want a dragon that gives my roster some combat role diversity. That can be as simple as a specific tower protection (howie, mage tower) decent burst speed etc.

Maybe this season I go for the warrior and have a cool looking perch dragon.

Note : I haven’t played either dragon just going off the paper descriptions. I hope I am proved wrong when CF give us some demos.

Curious as to what everyone else reckons?


Yeah this season seems just like the previous season which means we won’t have a tone of non-glass cannons anytime soon mainly hunters it’s normally the non hunters that get good opinions normally not sorcerers though, but since Invokers are like hunters they technically work as hunters but technically don’t turn into glass cannons a lot more strategic Invokers than Naja’s or Namaka’s.

However it’s still a little to early to judge since it’s only the first week.

Edit: at least Sorath would look slightly majestic on a perch not as much as Quasar when we all are done with him. I think it’s cool he’s meant to symbolize a wolf if I recall from the stream


Lmao what


It depends on the person not just the know it all forums


Except cal is a tier behind and quasar will be 1/2 a tier behind… if your not end tier all
Mythics Devine’s arnt needed. Plus just being different elements can be all you need as well.


Cal can hit up at least part of a tier and his max rage on spawn is still pretty handy.

Im thinking Hau2 is the one most needing to be swapped out. Fire gear makes it a bit easier to do so. I just like having a setup dragon on my roster.


I ran out of fire shards trying to do gear for neb. I would like a set up dragon other than noc or slax for some gold runs.

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I have been told that Xul is very good, and also;

There have already been numerous videos released on YouTube.


The fact you are still using Hau kinda proves my point no? Mythics don’t matter to you… get a legendary if you don’t like the Devine’s, both are equally useful to you.

Hau serves a specific role. He lets me set a base up(disable towers, punch holes) so that I can use a second dragon to clean up.

For example if I am doing a mega attack in pvp event and I am worried about getting triple defended Hau / Cal are quite an effective 2 punch combo.

I quite like Quasar when I am doing medium/hard bases on auto pilot.

I haven’t seen many legendary dragons that really fill a niche role. I only have mythics on my starting roster.

I’ve flown Xul quite a bit and can honestly say: If you don’t get Xul, you’re missing out. He’s fantastic.


There is something wrong i mean Xul is good alright but he doesn’t be flown without hit as far as i see from videos. This is important not only talking about flak towers’ supershots but also the players who are not end game will take huge damages from those hits. Not sure if he is worth for the effort that you need to give.

Sorathrim, i would like to see additional abilities on his blue speed spell, and a bit of buff on the damage of “hp” related skills (10% instead of 8)


But Cal and Quasar will soon be non-options if hitting end tier bases. Cal max base damage is 59m. Quasar is 85m. New Mythics are 101m. We get 120 towers in week 3. With lineage mythic paced to drop week 9, means we get 122 towers in week 11 and 125s 4 weeks later. Cal definitely will be out of commission by then, if not earlier, with Quasar right behind.

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Buff sorath rim, hp…:pray:


Still to soon to ask for a buff

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I love my calavore and I’m excited for this new glass cannon hunter.

Setup dragons can be useful but rarely are viable in atlas since you need a second dragon and lots of time. A glass cannon can punch through an island and if flown right quickly take down a base making it challenging and rewarding unlike taking a base by spending 5 minutes sanding everything with hauzen and then death gazing or hauseting the base to kill it.


Unfortunately gear is a big issue there. Any other element would have been better than another fire mythic (except wind obviously)


Oh I don’t disagree, I would’ve liked to see it different for some people too, luckily I waited to claim quasar and thus didn’t knowing Xul was fire. Hah!


Agreed, back to back mythics with the same element is sucky.


Xul, from what I have seen, is quite strong but hard to fly ( harder than Ikaros or Cav or Narlyth).

Sorathrim could be perfect if PG buff the Blue Spell adding something more to the spell itself, such as " recast within 1-2 seconds to return to the starting point ( as UVS or Hauhezen)… "

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