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You may have seen me lurking around the forums recently. I’m no one special, but I did recently start a blog that you may have seen around. I’ve been supported by a few friends, some of whom had personal contributions to the blog, too.

Mostly I started writing it to be able to get my thoughts down, and because I thought it would be fun and good writing practice. But I’ve also recently made a few guides to random things that some of you may or may not find useful, and I thought it might be interesting to archive them here as a list and update it periodically. These are more often than not, long posts. I don’t really see the point in reducing my points by making them concise, so…I applaud you, if you do decide to read them. Thank you for your time.

Feel free to PM me here, or send in asks anonymously on my blog, or reply to this thread if you have any comments or suggestions for what I should write, but realise that this is still a personal blog and I’ll express myself as I choose on it. Without further ado-

GUIDES :open_book:

  1. Defending Dragons
    a. Naja
    b. Gig
    c. Noctarn
  2. To General Basebuilding
    a. Pt. 1: Tower Reviews
    b. Pt. 2 coming soon
    c. Don’t Touch Your Perch!
  3. To War
  4. To Run A Team, as Instructed By A Shitty Leader



  1. The Castle-Focused Atlas Economy: How it’s Contributing to Atlas Stagnation By Rewarding the Wrong Achievements.
    a. Associated post
  2. That one ask where an alleged 13 year old asked me to compare Atlas mega alliances to systems of governments…?
  3. TheMovement
    a. An analysis of their original forum post
    b. Examining The Truth Pt. 1
    c. Examining The Truth Pt. 2
    d. The last part is probably coming no time soon. I’m kind of bored of that line of discourse.
  4. In Support of Pirates


  1. Why Evolution Runes should be a thing
    a. Associated post
  2. PvP Minimums and Why Thinking About Them Matters
  3. Gauntlet: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

OTHERS :firefin:

  1. Satire: Icicle Cat
    a. Associated post
    b. The path itself
  2. Satire: The Monthly Kat
  3. Satire: Much Ado and…Nothing

  1. Bad Poem: Of Guards on T2s
  2. Bad Poem: Here be Dragons

  1. All asks
  2. Pirate inspo

SUBMIT :diamond:

  1. Ask me anything! (Anonymous comments and asks go here, please.)
  2. Submit a post (If you have a opinion or idea you want me to feature. Let me know if you want my input on it or not.)

I hope this collection helps/amuses some of you with nothing better to do with your time, like me. Will update this thread as I continue writing more posts.


New post under Guides:

Mostly because I’ve seen quite a few people suggest building up perches, what with the increased number of black pearls we’re getting. It’s not a bad thing, but we should think more carefully about when and if we actually need that higher level perch.

Again, I love feedback and opinions, and sometimes even suggestions on what to write about next. :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s surprising how many people go for that perch. I generally recommend people start building up their perch after they’ve maxed 15 towers, because it’s more useful than starting a 4th island. But that only happens well past level 500 of course.


Just had someone tell me about a vitriolic discussion they had on Facebook regarding maxing perches. Seems funny to us, but bad in the long term for those not in the know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah in addition to the things you’ve mentioned, perches also can’t be moved or transformed, so they’re pretty bad for future-proofing as well.

Oooh. Do you mind if I tack that on in my blog post, credited to you? It’s a good point.

Then again, it’s not like they’re going to replace perches on your base…

If you do have your kill island at either lighthouse or riverwatch, you can level it up as if it was a 6th tower (and keep a top dragon on it too). The disadvantage with that is as was said, you are stuck in that configuration since you can’t move it or transform it.

Edit: I have also leveled up a perch to reach a new level requirement when my kill was maxed and I didn’t want to level up my back 3. Should be rare situations though and I do run a middle long.

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Feel free to tack it on!

It’s mostly that I’ve seen a few people stuck on a mostly undefendable microbase on 3 because they invested massively in the island 3 perch, while they would be much better off on 4/5. Just writing off a max tower hurts if you want to re-layout your base, regular towers don’t have that issue.


I appreciated the perch blog. I have my Seagazer at 31 and a very short base and I’m not planning on upgrading the perch or moving to a longer base any time soon. However, I’m thinking of starting on Riverwatch this fort for two reasons:

  1. Leave it at level 1 and put a rider that needs glory on it. It will get 50% glory (since shared with the main rider) each time my primarch gets attacked. Otherwise I need to weaken my base when getting glory in a new rider, or attack with a weak rider. It will be a rage anchor, but I have a delay tower anyway, so attackers already have full rage by the time they get to my Seagazer (mage drain) island.

  2. Level it up to 30 and put my construction rider on it, so I can leave Crom on seagazer at all times, especially during fort, but also for the 5% research time discount. Otherwise, my base is weak during fort, which is often when wars are declared. Unlike 1, this causes a little XP bloat, but not too much.

  3. When it finally comes time to upgrade one perch, I can have the construction rider on the other perch: currently I don’t get the -12% time discount when upgrading the perch since I have to take the rider off to upgrade.

Any thoughts, anyone?

I don’t see a research reduction skill on Crom and you don’t have to take the rider off to upgrade the perch.

I find it easier to train riders by attacking, which I do a lot more than I get hit. Weak riders don’t matter that much because literally everything in atlas encourages you to hit down, to hit castle guards, or even to glory swap.

This is the way to go, tbh. What I do is set aside a specific dragon with a weak rider, that I only use when attacking shitty bases. Or you can gear it with good gear, that makes up for the weak rider stats.

You can honestly just switch back when wars are declared. What level are you? A second perch shouldn’t really be causing that much XP bloat unless you’re under 200.

When you upgrade the perch, just put the construction rider back on between upgrades and you’ll get the discount.

Thank you both very much for your helpful answers. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. There is no research reduction skill on Crom, which is why I take Crom off and put Defender on, to get the research and/or construction reduction.

When the rider had to come off for an upgrade, I didn’t think I got benefit from it, and that I could put it back on to benefit in the next upgrade. I learnt from these posts, thanks (I wish I knew before).

I get a lot of my glory from my defending my trapper in NML. Also, because I’m one of the lowest levels on my team, I often just take my trapper to team attacks. I do use the weak riders for (our rare) castle guard hits, but I have >500k glory still to go on the riders, so it would speed it up.

True, I do switch back, unless it’s during the 24hr restriction, but that stops me progressing in my fort until the attack on my base is decided in the war. I am over 200, and the XP for 1-31 is 271k, or 2.7 levels, so true, not that much.

I don’t know what the downside is of the level 1 Riverwatch with a rider needing upgrading on it, since Crom is already maxed, it’s negligible XP for level 1, and a rage anchor doesn’t matter there. I can see the small (XP) downside of a level 31 Riverwatch perch.

It’s fine, it’s just not really that efficient for gathering glory. Do as you like. :slight_smile:

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Really really long analysis and solution post on why Gauntlet is absolute shit as it is. It was a terrible discount event; it killed my drive to write anything or even play the game, and this may be why this post comes so many days after the event ended.

Gauntlet really needs adjustment as it is.


Problems with Atlas and why you should have your team go full pirate until PG fixes them, instead of shitting on pirates thoughtlessly.

There’s definitely a reason why so many people do it, so if you can’t beat them, join them. :wink:

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