Neocryx glyphs - don’t need match spells


I almost assuming glyphs within a seasonal line are designed for the dragon line it is located in…with that said:
WHY does the mythic glyph in Neocryx line have elemental barrier (good he hasn’t that) + Havok (what? Not a Neocryx spell)


It’s always been that way, sometimes the second spell works sometimes it doesn’t.

I think they use it as a way to tweak the power levels of the dragons during testing and they can choose to include a related second skill if the dragon needs a bit more power/resist or they can include a useless one if they are fine with the balance. Again, that’s just my personal opinion on why they do it like that.


But… if you equip a Havoc spell… buildings just melt :slight_smile:


Ooh, interesting… have to try that!


Yeah. it’s awesome. Definitely give it a try. Once I got my mythic rune, i started forging Havoc’s just for that reason.


Yep the non-matching secondary is really common. But I do actually like havoc on Nec for dealing with those pesky lv50 farms


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