Neon Breeding Paths

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to show you all a new feature I’ve been working on for my site. You can now view and build breeding paths on Neon: Breeding path list - Neon War Dragons

Currently it contains most of Red’s famous paths in the listing. These paths automatically get updated when new discounts come in, or anything else like level requirements changes. You can also construct your own paths, and share them with others (or keep them for yourself). It’s meant to be a practical way to have a version of a path that’s always up to date.

It’s brand new, so if you find any glitches do let me know, and feel free to post any suggestions for improvements or questions in this thread. Can’t promise to build them all of course but I’ll read them for sure.

Too many words, what is this?

A tool for viewing breeding paths, and a list of the most popular ones.

And what is it not?

It’s not a breeding path generator, and it won’t automatically create new paths. All the paths currently shown are hand-mage by Red or ForScience, and any paths you guys add will have to be created by you deciding all the breeding pairs yourself. The tool will do all the number stuff, sidebreeds, eggs etc for you.

Ok so how do I make my own path?

You can either make a new path from scratch with the “create your own path” button, or you can start with an existing path and use the “edit” button to make your own version. It’s safe to use the edit, you can’t ever damage someone else’s path.

Then you enter all the breeding pairs and the main child dragon for each step in your path and click “create path”. If you want to make changes you can use the “edit” button again.

To save the path, or to share it on the forums, in Line, or in a wiki, you simply copy the (very long) url of the page showing your path. The long line of gibberish at the end of the link contains all the information the site needs to show your path.

I’ve made a path but I can’t find it in the list

Nope, the list only contains paths I’ve manually added there. If you have created a new path that you feel everyone should be able to use, feel free to post the link here, along with the name of the path and who to credit, and I’ll consider adding it.

Is Red ok with this?

Yes, I wouldn’t republish her paths without an ok from @forScience, who is the keeper of Red’s paths.

I’m missing Red’s Cheapest / the Pokemon Path / something else

Entering the paths has been mostly manual work, and I’ve not added all the very long paths. If anyone feels like entering them and sending me the link or posting it here, I’ll be more than happy to add them though.


Absolutely stunning! Thank you!

Love the updated costs and continuation of Red’s Best :slight_smile:


Just in case people get all “Morr is lying”; yes, permission was given to do this, because less manual work and making paths more accessible is good for everyone :tada:.

Thanks Morr, awesome stuff, as always!



Potato is bored, and must always annoy Morr in his threads :rofl:



Wtf they’re lying. They’re obviously PG employees and dreadnought members.

Is red’s best still the best breeding path? With all the new towers most of the dragons in past tiers have become nearly unusable, are the dragons on reds best still the best in each tier?

For all purposes, yes. You don’t get these dragons because they’re good. Red knew that they sucked too. You get them so you can level your seasonal dragons. Red’s best does exactly that in the most efficient way (unless you can find a better way lol).

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It’s not best in the sense of best dragons in each tier, but rather best progression wise (I believe)


I was always under the impression that the best path gave you useful dragons in the tiers that mattered, but also keeping cost lower than more expensive routes. If you wanted the absolutely rock bottom price and use just your divines, you would use the cheapest path instead but you bypass dragons at tier that might have still been useful while at tier.

Now it doesn’t matter as much as those older tiers are almost useless with Orrery and Howitzer alone changing the meta.


True, the line dragons at lower tier matter much less than before. On the other hand with the 90% discount the cost also matters a lot less. I would almost argue that the best path now up to obsidian would be the one requiring the lowest number of dragons to hatch and level, since the timer and time cost of hatching and breeding is now a bigger factor then token cost for those tiers.


Does such a path already exist? or will i have to use your site to make one?


you just beat me to trolling, dammit. now i can’t troll.

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There are still dungeons, assault and temple raids, so having some lineage dragons is useful.

Thank you! :green_heart:

This is awesome thanks Morrien and forSci.

Also on the whole what is better,less dragons to breed etc.

I don’t breed frostbiter. The dragon is not needed if you are running through as fast as possible, you only need it for Gorgonus. But it is overall cheaper to breed using Quetz and Kaiju.
Just my 2 cents

tl;dr: Best was at the time, especially pre-flak and seasons invalidating lineage. Paths are the update the info from current paths, but the functions allow much easier exploration now without needing to map all all the huge number of options early on.

Best was relevant pre-flaks, as few lineage predating them can properly deal with them. For people who want to dedicate time to learning flying, there are dragons like Hauheset and Noctua, among others, that are worth picking up, but at this point, those could just be cheaper backbreeds with the massive discounts.

Alternatively, if people are really pushing, they could just skip past entire tiers and ignore them as well :smiling_imp: . Morr’s breeding path tool will make it easier to explore options for people who paths just didn’t really click for (Red had it as if it was all mentally mapped out) and really revisit the new best, which is just the cheapest/fewest steps.

Damn, that’s rambly… I stopped writing :rofl:


Can this get pinned so it doesn’t get lost?

Morreion’s original site post is already pinned, but a pin wouldn’t hurt

As a I stated above this is a good change, but for anyone new coming in this looks like a pretty big wall (reminds of me the old sapphire wall)

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