Neon Breeding Paths

Nice. Any reason why you changed from Red’s format of listing offspring on the left?

Yes I use this format on the dragon pages too, and there it’s more of less forced because of the multiple columns with all the offspring. It wouldn’t make sense to reverse that on the breeding paths page.

And to be honest it also reads more naturally to me, like a + b + tokens = c feels like the natural ordering to read a “formula”, but that’s mostly just personal taste.

I also put the cost in between intentionally so that it’s immediately easy to see which two are the parents and which is the offspring even when scrolled down. When you just see three dragons in a row that can be harder to tell at a glance.


Added paths for the new Artisan tier (they’re quite simple really but still)


Hey @Morreion breeding with my alt and noticed a few minor inconsistencies and thought I would let you know.

This on your site (reds cheapest) shows as 2750 :scream: it’s off by a whopping 2 tokens :rofl:

This I beleive is out by about 100.

In the grand scheme of things not an issue, if I find others I can let you know if you want.

Breeding paths are always averages. Every sequence of 40 eggs is randomly shuffled so any breed with more than one egg can always be off the average by a bit.


Ahh ok no then.

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