Neon War Dragons information site

After the demise of dragon-manager, I’ve decided to go and build my own War Dragons data website. I think it’s now useful enough to share with you all:

My goal with the site was to make the information as easy to read as I can, and to have a source that’s easy to link to on the forums when helping people. So far it only has dragon and building information, but I have a fair number of other things I plan to add.

If you find any errors on the site or have suggestions for improvement, please let me know!

If you need information that’s not on my site yet, there are two site that have more data parsed alteady:


Great to see another great resource online. Thanks for your efforts, suggestions and contribution.


Thanks so much for doing this. Your effort to help the community is sincerely appreciated!


For the chest drop, is it possible to accomodate “dual event”?
To help people maximizing their gain during the week, depends on their need.

@Morreion thanks for this awesome tool.

Thank u.

Thank you :heart::heart:

Thanks for providing a wonderfull information site,

Suggest : can you add what dragon perch at certain level?


Great work so far! I love the grouping of the towers, and the icon next to the dragon name that indicates whether it’s hunter/warrior/sorcerer. Clean, simple, intuitive! :beers:

@Morreion I love this site buddy It is simple nice and me like it. good job

Thank you for developing this and sharing it. Simple and clean. You should give UI advice.

One suggestion: for the dragons and buildings, is it possible to freeze the top row on the screen to make it easier to remember what each column indicates?

Did a few small updates:

  • Perches now show max dragon level and rider effectiveness
  • Builder hut levels no longer hidden behind tooltip
  • Builder hut levels now show the required dragon eggs on every tower
  • Moved some table columns around, prioritizing more important info

Freezing headers when you scroll down is on my wishlist, but was not as trivial as I hoped so not today.


I see we have similar wishes and challenges :wink:

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I’m glad you moved the builder hut info out of behidn tooltips. I was worried it would be hard for some people on phones to scan quickly

Yeah I try to keep the tables readable by reducing the column count where I can, but I quickly realized the builder hut level is way too important to take out.
I think storage level is still okay to have behind a tool tip, since it’s rarely a bottleneck. I should probably have it on the food/wood column though, and not on the level requirement.


I love that site, it is really easy to use!

Chelonoth is listed as Mythic though xD

One (not really neccessary, but you know… lazy xD) thing to ask: When hovering over the XP-Column of Dragons, you get to see the total XP, which is great.
Would it be possible to add that for building materials (in specific: Embers and Pearls) as well?

Keep up the great work, looks great!


Added sticky table headers. Horizontal scrolling wide tables on phones is now a bit uglier, but I couldn’t get both to work at the same time and I think this is the better option.

Added totals for embers and other exotic currencies in the tooltip. Lumber tooltip now shows the required storage level too. Also shortened some currency labels to fit more data.

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I was looking at Arborius on a new account and he’s actually storage-capped from being breedable until the player hits L17.

None of the current sites seem to reflect this – you show player level 12; Kate and the Almanach show level 7 for getting Arborius breedable. (I think you’re considering den level minimum and they’re not, maybe?)

I don’t know if this affects enough to be worth dev time, but it’s a thing.

Nice spot! I totally forgot storage could limit dragon growth at the early levels. I’ll see if I can add that in easily.

I’m actually showing level 7 for Arborius as well I believe? I do take the incubator level into account now for level, so that could cause some difference, but that’s also on level 7 for Arborius. I think everyone is using the den level, as that’s the only other thing blocking dragons from growing.

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It’s his breedable level, not his early levels I noticed the issue at. Arborius level 8; he needs storage level 4 to get past dragon level 6, and storage level 4 is gated on player level 17.

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