Neptus and his Runes

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Can someone answer why Neptus has three runes in his branch? For the normal dragons I get offering three - in case someone doesn’t finish. I support that and understand it. However, this is Neptus’s line (sent to me by a friend):

All three runes are the same as well (Neptus’ Fury). This is just not okay. Please change these runes into Glyphs so the people who dropped all that cash can actually use them as they wish.

-Sincerely a player who won’t even get Neptus.


Would be nice if prize 2 was 20 million dust or a mythic glyph that reduced the cooldown on white spell


That’s probably why they locked the page so people can’t see the atrocity :joy::joy::joy: That is just wrong


PG team, not much to think here, just turn what is currently an insult to a fast solution by switching them to glyphs.
Thanks in advance.


As the mythic I would love it if rather than 3 runes, he got 1 mythic rune of Neptus fury, and 1 mythic glyph of Neptus fury.

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I wouldn’t ask that one of the runes should be changed into some other item because I think the runes can also be helpful on other dragons as they don‘t target a specific spell (other than the secondary mythic effect which is ice resist).

But I completely agree that there need to be more glyphs and more dust.

Getting Neptus means that players got 4x mythic, legendary and epic runes from all the main season dragons and still not enough dust to expert even one single mythic rune.


Theye were 2 high off there snort banket.
Equestor has also 3 runes :joy::joy::joy:

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All of the mythical have been like this. Actually most mythical didn’t have any runes but it’s just been evolve stones for cheap (if you ignore the 75k sigils you need to start to get it)

What they mean is in the previous UI you could view the locked prizes without meeting the requirements. Now you can’t even look unless it’s unlocked

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Oh yeah I know that annoyed me too. But it’s the exact same atrocity as past seasons. Except now with runes

It was always a chain where you could atleast see. Also, if i recall correctly it was drags and stones with some gold chest some where in there. I dont recall if you can see price but im pretty confident on the items being visable

No there was no runes for algor, morphos, or merkt. Also I don’t think moonfang had any but I’m not sure. I don’t remember clearly.

But the structure is exactly the same as it’s always been since I’ve played. The difference is they did hide it this time (bad PG). But they gave us runes (good PG)

I think in the original version there was 2 gold chests at the end you could use to
Exchange extra sigils but that was after and optional. Otherwise it was just the stones

That’s right! Moonfang didn’t have any runes.

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That’s hilarious, so much for the 3 runes so that low level players can get one answer they gave.

@MareZ Enough dust from all 3 lines to get one of the mythic runes to a whopping level 3. That’s so wrong.

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So I heard during the last live stream that PG was going to add the new tier evolve stone on neptus’ line, but I don’t see it there. Anyone have any ideas? I submitted a ticket and was told they wouldn’t answer my question, and that I should ask on here.

Wow, that is just plain stupid. Like you said, I understand 3 runes on the other dragons because there is a huge player base that:

A) Won’t reach the mythic rune because they won’t have sigils
B) Won’t reach the mythic rune because they’d rather get 2-3 dragons to plat/sapp, or even lower

However, I’m 100% Sure most players that can get Neptus is claiming him all the way to Obsidian, hence paying for a rune that is 100% worthless… how shitty of PG

Also, to piggy back on that, how shitty of PG to NOT offer Neptus a Harbringer Stone as he was released days before the new tier. Glad I saved all my gold chest and rubies this season and not pushing for all the dragons. I’d have felt VERY shafted knowing the “new” bad ass dragon is instantly not top tier.

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Pretty sure they said they’re adding the new stone for Neptus on the 24th (Wednesday). I think.


This is the response I got. I hope they do end up adding it.

They are taking defensive stance after too many complaints of wrong info being provided :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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