Neptus missing from profile top 3 drags issue

Neptus is my strongest drag and he is missing from my top 3 drags when someone else is looking at my profile, anyone else having the same issue.

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To my knowledge it’s the most frequently flown not your 3 strongest

He is my go to I’m using him most of the time

If so, then my Ember should take the top spot😄


You are correct I have proven this is true when I actually made him my strongest and after waiting 12 hours instead shows a completely different dragon in its spot.

When I got Neptus to third strongest dragon instead of replacing apophet (which I unboosted) it put a much weaker but fourth strongest sekhem there. It’s a glitch but I’m not sure how well known or if PG is aware of it.

My strongest three dragons are always shown on my profile page. Unless they have a healing timer then they are not shown and the next strongest dragon is.

Do you have Neptus

No not yet…figured maybe I’d shed some light on how it seems to work.

It’s Definitely strongest because it will change frequently depending on which dragons are boosted and Unboosted!

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I think it’s been weird lately. My top dragons are Neptus, Noc and Avyx, but my level 12 unboosted Estril was showing up for one of my teammates when they looked at my profile.

Perhaps Neptus’s title should be Astral Dragon instead of Champion of the Sea :smile:.

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Were any of your top 3 healing at the time?

This issue is with only neptus I have noticed know many players there’s strongest dragon neptus but not showing in top 3 when someone look at there’s profile

The Top 3 dragon shown to other player issue is real. I still have moonfang showing in my top 3 and not neptus. I don’t think I have ever seen a neptus as top 3 on anyone’s profile.

Moonfang is definitely not my top 3 dragons now in any case. It is somewhat glitched.


Mine look fine and are in proper order when I look at my profile on my end, but when I use my alt to look at my profile the dragons are way off, I have a green tier in it (Karna) which shouldn’t be there.
I agree with it being glitched

Haha that’s funny because you were the first player I’d look to see if you got Neptus on your roster but it never came. Just figured you’d have unboosted it but when it happened to me and that I saw nobody had it I knew something was fishy.

@PGJared It is clear there is issue with Neptus

Yeah… it’s specifically Neptus for sure

What I see

What others see

Funny thing is, Sekhem isn’t in my roster, he’s on my perch!

What my teammate see when he looks at his own

What I see

So not only does it now show anyone that you use Neptus, its showing some people we use Dragons we don’t even fly!

@PGJared @PGEggToken is this even being worked on?