Neptus need’s more levels

neptus is a mythic dragonbut its mythic stats are only applied up until it is cappped out at obsidian level then after the base stats are comparable to legendary harbingers.

at expert the base stats are very similar to estril and aibrean who are both legendary classed and should be weaker than mythic especially when neptus cost 75k sigils compared to the 28k needed for aibrean.

I understand why they may have wanted neptus nerfed a bit with only lvl 60 towers out atm but when the mythic harb hunter gets released neptus will be much weaker compared to it in the base stats.

Corthanak has been released with the correct scaling of stats to level and tier that i feel neptus should have been on also so i was wondering if pg were planning on adding more levels to neptus with the same breed 2 harbs and breed 1 mythic harb to fully upgrade it to its full potential because as it stands the dragon is essentially a mythic obsidian dragon but a legendary harbinger that was top prize in the season advertised as “mythic”


He’s a mythic seasonal, but he’s a harb legendary.


Nerf this. Buff that. This dragon needs more levels. That dragon is away too OP. Oh wait, we need universal evo stones!

I LOVE that once a season is done, a dragon is set and that’s it… except for the occasional PG nerf a la Sage…

Please don’t change them. Move on. Even if they all suck, the season is only 12 weeks…ish.


Even if they all suck? :rofl::rofl: Why play if you just have a bunch of :poop: dragons?

If that’s what you think, then ummm… don’t play? :thinking:

Maybe you did not understand my question. I asked if they let all dragons be crap dragons then why play. Since they aren’t then of course play away. Sorry if the question was not clear enough for you

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Word. :+1:

Phew! Thought I was gonna have to kick your a$$ there for a minute! :grimacing:

Nah jk… not adding to the rage… or the nerf or buff anything… keeping it chill… :shushing_face:

Every game needs buffs and nerfs, balancing a game is probably the most important thing any gaming company can do. For PG this kind of changes are specially hard because people pay tons of money for content, but to say any game shouldn’t struggle for proper balance is quite dumb.

You’re missing the point.

By the time new dragons or features hit the live game, they shouldn’t need to be rebalanced because they should have already been subjected to rigorous playtesting in a controlled environment.

Changing it afterwards just alienates people. This game changes quickly as new dragons and tiers are released… it’s the thing that keeps the struggle for balance in check.

Nop that’s not how it works. To begin with, a perfect balance will never be archived, you can test it a million times and you still wont get it. On top of that PG releases several dragons every season, not only seasonal but also tier drags. trust me they don’t heave nearly enough time to perfectly test this dragons. On top of that I doubt dragons in the past went through much testing if any at all.

New dragon tiers really just affects a minority who are the ones able to get them. Also that doesn’t keep the balance in check in fact everytime a new tier is released a whole ton of balance issues comes with it.

I disagree. I don’t think your “buffs 'n nerfs” are the answer.

You can disagree all you want, everyone is entitle to their opinion, but you will never balance any game without buffs and nerfs, games like startcraft, dota and league are problably as close to a perfect balance as you can get. They all have gone through thousands of changes to get there.

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You just had to bring Starcraft into it… :roll_eyes:

What about it? I simply mentioned 3 games that have archived a very competitive and balanced environment to support my claim. Don’t see your point.

At least you didn’t say WoW… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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stop crying and get the new dragon or the one that is stronger

there were a post ask for corthanak boost as compare to neptun and this one ask for the opposite

they have different tier, ofcourse they have different in power. I could say the opposite, how can a legendary harbinger only as strong as a obsidian mythic. please neft neptun

I was searching for flag topic button :joy::joy::joy:

I like how when a lower level suggests more evo stones the high levels all say suck it all up (which I agree with)