Neptus not worth the investment so far

This dragon is very disappointing so far…albeit I only have him at level 34. I hope he gets better or he ends up on a perch with Merkt

What level towers are you attacking with him?

Just xp runs so far…he cannot solo the 312 base yet…

You’re definitely doing something wrong then. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t end the 312 at full health (maybe 3/4 green, and 1/4 blue health): share or pm a vid?

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I have him, could easily beat the 312 base once I got him to plat…

You must not have the skill to play him yet. He’s a high risk high reward dragon. Can deal tons of dmg but has low health pool.


I was told he’s the best Dragon so far. You might be doing something wrong? Not judging just asking.

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Fair enough…I will take him back to flight training. Better the issue is with me. Hopefully I can fix that.


He was running through bases like a freight train the last few wars we have had :man_shrugging:

Maybe he just isn’t as good against XP bases?
Maybe it’s a tough learning curve to get good with him?

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Lvl 34 is sapphire or garnet? And damn…you are definitely doing something wrong. Please share a video then I can help more

I will try and hon my skills and update …thanks!

:arrow_up:Mechengg is the one who told me he was the best. If anything goes wrong, blame him, not me :innocent:

@mechengg I’m just kidding :blush: you’re the best mentor ever :wink:


Here is was at level 32 against xp base


Play him like morphos, play style is very similar.

Snipe and use dissipate smart.

Expert is around 1.1-1.3b AP

Can pretty much drop any base under 400 full of defenders… and quite a few above, I’ve managed up to high 460’s with 2-3 defs, but using a consumable.


Few resource runs

Tidal surge and riptide (dg and cloak variants) will be referenced as TS and rip in the following strat guide:
So start the island and kill the low level treb first, then use TS to take out the left two fires (there’s a spot inbetween them that kills both at once) and tap down the right fire. Leave farm alive until you kill the high level treb on the next island with TS.
Then kill farm, then kill lightning with TS, and use 2 fingers to tap down the Lightning’s. Then kill ballista.
Queue TS and kill back archer. Immediately use 3 fingers and tap 4 times on the 3 storms and riptide.
Use TS to take out center cannon and use 2 fingers to take out back cannons and riptide for effect.
Use TS to take out 2 left ice at once (aiming to the left of the center ice). And take out farm. Either tap or TS the remaining back 2 towers and shame on you if you get hit by fire shot.
Queue TS and hit back archer, immediately use 2 fingers and spaz the flip out on the 2 front archers (the middle archer takes less taps than the right one) and rip before you get hit by the archers. Kill the farm.
Queue TS, kill center cannon and 2 finger tap the back 2, ripping before getting hit. There’s a spot inbetween ice and right lightning that kills both, but error towards the lightning bc you have ice resist. Keep killing Lightning’s using the farm to slow you down and either kill farm last moment or leave it, bc it doesn’t give xp :man_shrugging:t3:.
Enjoy the xp.


Thank you!

My Neptus at 45 is fantastic. You may need to re-evaluate your flying strategy

Working on it now…thanks

Wrong I can destroyed 312 when Neptus was in sapphire I can take out 339 with easy. You’re not using him correctly

I don’t have him.