Neptus: Thank you for Next-Level-Design

To bring some positive feedback to the forums, I wanted to say thank you to the PG employees we barely see, those who work backstage, those who come up with creative ideas, draw fantastic artwork, do amazing 3D modeling and animations.

Neptus really turned out like a piece of art and is not only incredibly fun to fly but also looks amazing.

(It’s my very first final mythic divine and I don’t own all dragons so I can’t speak for everyone here)

There are not many threads that go into detail about designs, but I think it plays a big part in making the game fun.

Here are some things I wanted to mention:

  • The water effect around him looks like he’s really in/with his element
  • The glowing eyes and breastplate look really cool and “mythic like”
  • The wings made from water actually look like they mirror the surroundings which is really stunning!
  • The trident tail and the circles around it have a cool energy-effect
  • The powerful hunter shots also follow this energy effect and look really intimidating with the blue blasting explosion when they hit something
  • The Tidal Surge actually looks like a flying trident made from water, just like the spell icon suggests
  • When Tidal Surge hits the target, there’s a strong water explosion with a long and really nice animation
  • When the shots apply the passive effect of Corrosive Brine, the debuff on towers has green water and particles flying around the tower like a hurricane
  • The Riptide effect (which is great because it can be cancelled to work like a Cloak-dodge :bulb:) looks like a really strong blast
  • And of course: Tor, the dragon rider, fits perfectly to Neptus’ theme

Also, thanks for listening to the community feedback on spell colors and rage cost and for adding that Harbinger stone.

Please make sure, anyone who worked on this dragon can see this thread, thanks! :grin:


I think the same can be said for (most) of the past mythics as well. The art and design team does a great job with these dragons and you can tell how much effort and time is put into it.
That being said my favorite looking will always be maxed Morphos. The change with each tier evolve looked so great.


Yeah, I was a little sad that they don’t make evolving divines anymore, that was a really nice idea (only the picture in your game profile always looked like the slightly ugly first evolve stage lol).
Morphos is really pretty, I’m still sad that I didn’t get him but for Neptus I finally hoarded enough rubies :slight_smile:


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