Nerf Mythic Hunter ( again )

I have defended against a lot of Barbend and this dragon , despite its initial nerf , seems way overpowered . The nerf with the cloak on the dragon was a step in the right direction but even now , the dragon heals way too much , too fast .

There should be a further slowdown in its healing capacity or else this dragon will continue to be unstoppable .


I don’t like having to nerf a Dragon twice. Especially when krygant is a little bit slower but still very good, and avernic is just a literal meme


But it’s a fact the heal is a little too much on the dragon. They should have addressed it earlier itself :smile:


The dragon can entrap , can dodge every hit and it heals very quickly . As a bonus , it flies incredibly fast too ….

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I wish the heal was 5% per tower myself. Rage management is decent on it now, but it can easily heal up any mistakes even if you get to 0 rage.


The only Thing that should be looked on is the healing of barbend. At best it should have 10% per tower killed.

Please Nerf the hunter with its health regeneration, it’s unstoppable. Decrease healing capacity to 5% and cloak to 3 rage points. That will kill barbend for sure. This is similar to… how krelos broke the system. Excessive ammo spam = krelos speed demon spell set.

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Its not unlimited ammo, and he doesnt even have a shield.


Thank you, corrected.

:rofl::rofl:, Pls don’t kill Barbend :pray:t2:


The first “nerf” to him wasnt really even a nerf. Yes, his healing should be reduced to 5-10% max, even 20% on a dragon like that is rather unbalanced given his damage output and defenses.


We all saw on day 1 in my league how op this dragon is. Im against nerf his damage output or anything, but his healing is questionable for sure.


Nah only nerf the sorcerer! It can get to 20% on a triple defended max base. That is way too much for a sorcerer. I am guttered!….


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Nah, just buff towers. That way no feelings are hurt for any dragon lovers.

Equality for all :+1:

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I don’t really like the hunters with the heavily reduced ammo cost for regular spells. Mainly because it creates a huge disparity between tablet and phone players. Then again I also have barbie so whatever.

Barbends healing is ridiculous, it was 30% per tower, should have been reduced to 30% per island in my opinion.

Krygant is also significantly overpowered with its near seamless shielding. It’s not a huge issue yet because Barbend is worse and flown much more but once (if) Barbend gets balanced to something more sane it’ll get flown a lot more.


So there are 2 overpowered Dragons. Well just stop this nerfing all the time. People get very unhappy when their dragon gets nerfed. After all everybody wants a good dragon and complains about so many useless ones. Finally we got a season with at least 2 really strong dragons. So there should be a time to stop complaining. Let them. have their time. Stronger ones will be needed soon enough


Sure, another year of undefendable bases, sounds like fun. Why even bother with fort with these guys around? 150s won’t do anything against them.


It needs a heal reduction and one rage gain only.