Nerf Mythic Hunter ( again )

I only can see 1 and lts how surprised the hunter

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not yet im still not good with barbend :smiling_face_with_tear:

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So what I’m hearing it’s basically the return of Surt? Begging PG to nerf it twice and maybe even a third time? If only they properly made balanced spells on release that weren’t overpowered or literally weak especially by sorcerer standards. I know the only difference is Surt was a brain dead scenario and way too broken but the hunter isn’t cause you know the gist with coordinating your attack strategy.

Nerfing takes away so much fun. If my dragon gets a nerf I would at least like to be able to change my choice of dragon. Not everyone has got 2 mythic dragons. I struggle hard to get one and it is a pain to see it get nerfed before I am one of those unstoppable pilots. I remember the gig situation ( which I had not). I got stomped over literally a hundred times by him. I don’t feel that the hunter is the same. It gets killed when hit by ice flak just like the warrior. It truly is strong. However we want strong dragons not ones only a hand of players can handle to kill a base.

Ok to stay on topic and not upset you anymore the hunter does not need a nerf. If you didn’t get it then that’s your own fault no point crying about it here

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I think if a dragon gets a nerf we should be compensated since we spent time and money getting the dragon judging by what PG said it will be capable of. If they change that we got given something we didn’t initially want

Lmao thanks I got both dragons to mythic . I’m talking about reality of dragons not crying here

let me exchange my barbend with krygant if there will another nerf

. So what would you like to see? Them nerf hunter again so he can’t solo a base? He needs to be able to solo bases in good hands else he isn’t a mythic. Simple as that.

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Hunter class was never meaned to solo bases, just saying…

No class was


Yes i know. But the hunter in its current state steamrolls bases and to top this his healing is way too strong.

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You aren’t talking objectively to my query . Reducing healing speed on that dragon will not make it die on a base . It’s healing is too much too fast even now . Many have agreed too

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Well, the meta changed so that is what is expected now

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But that is the reason we all got this dragon. It’s already been nerfed once. If they are going to nerf every dragon multiple times just because people are upset they have no defendable based on their team then there will be no point in playing the game soon.

Barbends healing is too OP. I have gone from zero health to full bar so many times.

5-7% hp per tower probably about right.

Warrior is also slightly too strong and could do with a mild nerf as well.

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The correct thing is to buff the sorcerer so every dragon will be OP.


Maybe wanna start a buff the sorceror thread @Paskinel :laughing::laughing:


I’d totally agree if the white cloak had remained 1 rage.

Nerf the heal down to like 5% of its modified hp per tower.