Nerftus - tidal surge - red spell . Thank you



@moderators can we close this vague post please?

The headline is very straightforward, how u consider this vague, oh i guess u dont see my point.


You want to nerf Neptus to a red spell? Might I remind you of the great outcry when he had a red spell.

Do you have neptus?

No. How is that relevant?

1 island - 1 type of flak.

Typical base setup - 1 island = 1 flak

Means. No flak = puny dmg taken

Tidal Surge , white gaze, bye flak, bye damage.

Please refer to this video and see how easy a base is after destroying flaks, does this require skill to dominate a base? I dont think so.

Now that flaks are nerfed, makes this dragon more OP.

I dont have any suggestions tho on how they would make this dragon less OP. Im just saying, this dragon is totally OP.

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I’m not sure that nerfing each “OP” dragon would end up fixing the mess the tower rebalance has created.


It does require skill to fly. I shoot down harbinger neptus’s in wars all the time on our big bases.
He’s an awesome dragon.
This thread feels eerily similar to the nerf hau thread…


I actually just learned that the only flak that could hit u if u have gaze is the 2nd perch island. Look at the video i put. He was hit by darkflak once there are several dark flak on this base. If the flaks werent nerfed, would it have made the difference? Maybe? But he was only hit by the darkflak once. Im pretty sure if u have multiple flaks on ur base its either ur a very high lvl that has attained enough elemental ember or U cashed. So maybe a this base couldve won if it has a fireflak at middle of middle long island? But i saw lvl 50+ archers that couldve made difference, oh wwait i forgot, he just white gazed those. Lol .

i dont agree on hau being changed at all. He was no OP by all means. He cant kill good bases solo nope nah -uh . How can he be compared to nerftus?

You still have a month to buy one, better get to it!

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Case resolved.

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That’s not a bad point, however, it’s not just dark flaks that were nerfed, and the video you featured is of an undefended Neptus v big base. Performance would be drastically different with 3 people defending with supershots (as
@Lutrus pointed out).

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I thought this is a troll thread


With that Hau comment, you never know :eyes:

To quote BTG. So let’s nerftus it!! :rofl:

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Should merkt be nerfed if he was a hunter? @Zazrak

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He should be buffed imo. Looks like you have to aim his spells.

It’s not fair since a drooling moron having an epileptic seizure can kill max bases with defenders with Destar.

Pls make the blue spell white too and double or maybe triple its damage PG. #makehuntersgreatagain


As others have said this is a similar discussion to the Haus one. Yes, Neptus is fairly strong as you saw in my video. But I failed a time before that as there is room for error. He still has a cap on how much he can do as he doesn’t have cloak to avoid trouble islands. That riptide isn’t good enough to avoid damage if theres towers close by and the cool down is long enough to make it so, with defenders, there’s enough time to one shot the dragon. Haus has that safety with time shift, though of course he’s also a Sapphire dragon while mine was emerald. 🤷 In the end of the day all these dragons can still be killed with good enough bases and defenders. I wouldn’t have been able to beat that base with defenders.

Not to mention I’ll be asking apple for a refund if they change it now after I spent all that money and I know others would too. So PG doesn’t really have an option to do that.