Network and lag switch hackers?

Good evening,

I just wanted to ask how players like below are still allowed to play when they can become immune to defence in Atlas? The player in the attached photo lost in atlas to my taunter three times in a row, and then came back with 1 ship to test out his hack. Instantly, I was unable to defend and he beat me. Then he came back and wiped out 40k of my ships to which I couldn’t defend any attacks. Then many members of our team also tried to defend with no luck. We all got the “attacker network error” while he was able to fly our bases constantly undefended. This is bullshit.

We had to watch as he shredded our fleets undefended. We reported this instantly and nothing happened while he was able to demolish us.

Watch out for this hack, and this hacker in particular.

Does this seem thread seem aggressive? Sure is, I’m pissed off.


Removed screenshot of player name - Arelyna.


!! ticket!! don’t get people virtually doxxed, heh.

edit: or at least, remove the profile, i think that gets you forum banned (?)

Oohhh boi. This need some popcorns and some beers.

Guess I’ll get forum banned then. Thanks for the heads up.

I just noticed the irony of your name :eyes:

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You need to message PgJared or crisis on here, personally. Don’t create a topic that’ll get you banned from and possibly ruin your chance of resolving this.
Best advice is to message the workers personally, customer support hasn’t really been… supportive lately so I’d expect you’d be ignored or receive a canned response.
Message one of these people or all, whichever seems most affective.

I would not suggest PGReive as a point of contact for this.

Generally, the first thing would be to contact support. You are welcome to PGJared, Crisis, or myself as well.

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