NETWORK DELAY. Any help would be much apretiated

So I’ve had this issue for quite some time now .
I can not defend friendly Bases.
if go to click on towers I get a network delay notice pop up, My internet and or network has nothing wrong with it.
This problem is not only on one device, but both my iPad and my android phone have this issue. I have rein installed and all that jazz but still this blasted issue persists.

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It is not you nor your connection as you probably do not experience any lag when no one joins you or defends the base you attack.

It only happens when someone joins the fight to defend or attack. This means it is a poor design PG has used to manage such things. Considering MMORPGs have many in the fight at the same time it seems to be not to complicated to resolve.

MMORPGs can handle dozens of players in a fight and PG cannot handle 2.

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