Neues Minor Event


zuallererst: Entschuldigt, dass ich deutsch schreibe - ich bin grad zu faul zum Übersetzen :smiley:

Es ist schon sehr eintönig geworden, immer die gleichen Events zu starten und kaum Abwechslung zu erhalten.
Allerdings habe ich eine Idee für ein neues Minor Event.

Name: Göttergabe / Spende an den Kaiser (oder ähnliches)
Vorgang: Hierbei werden Spenden an einen NPC (einen “neuen Gott”, Kaiser oder ähnliches) geleistet, die aus Nahrung, Holz oder Gold bestehen.
Die Punktevergabe ist ähnlich wie bei Bauen oder früher Füttern, genaue Gedanken über eine angemessene Punkteverteilung und Preisvergabe sind hierbei nicht meine Aufgabe - ich liefere nur die Idee :smiley:

Durch dieses Event wird der Fokus auf das richtige Spiel gelenkt, das nach meiner Ansicht ein bisschen ins Abseits geriet.

Mit freundlichem Gruße,

PS: Auch zu PvP-Events habe ich Ideen, die ich aber noch genauer ausarbeiten muss.

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-english version-


First of all: Excuse me for writing German - I’m too lazy to translate

It has become very monotonous to always start the same events and hardly get variety.
However, I have an idea for a new minor event.

Name: Gift of God / Donation to the Emperor (or similar)

Action: Donations are made to an NPC (a “new god,” emperor, or similar) made of food, wood, or gold.

The scoring is similar to building or early feeding, accurate thoughts on a reasonable points distribution and awarding prizes are not my job - I just deliver the idea

This event will focus on the core game, which in my opinion has been marginalized.


PS: I also have ideas for PvP events, but I have to work them out even more precisely.

Food economy would be wrecked for a few weeks after an event like this. Also, what if you don’t have atlas or atlas elite? It makes obtaining gold much harder and would be a disadvantage to players. Especially the teams who don’t have atlas, they wouldn’t be able to donate at all. I don’t think this event would work out that great.

An easy way to get maximum points would be to take from the bank and then donate. They might as well bring feeding back :thinking:

Through the bank, it is possible to achieve high points, which is true - but then it must be filled again.
And one could also leave the gold away and only allow food or wood as donations; that was just an idea of ​​me.

So basically throw away resources for no reason other than prizes? At least feeding leveled dragons ( still hated it but it’s better than this idea, no offense intended ).

I’m always down to hear ideas for new events, but something like this sounds like a huge waste of resources…


There are just tons of resources, even now, relatively short of building.
And so at least there is the possibility to constantly use resources throughout the event, without relying on other things such as timer or earlier “hungry dragon”.

It still doesn’t address that it does not advance the player in any way whatsoever. Fort = increases level and base defense. Breeding= stronger dragons. This idea = ?

Re-focusing on the original part of the game (in my eyes, this role is getting smaller) and “redistributing” resources.

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And what is the original part of the game that the other events lack that this has?

I’m not sure what’s different between this and feed or fort gameplay wise

It’s a significant part of the focus on Atlas.
My aim is to bring variety to the events.
How many people still fly “real” opponents? I doubt there are many people who have access to Atlas. And in my opinion, the focus should be increasingly drawn to this part.
Then we take out the gold as a possible donation and allow only wood and food - without any provided by the game multipliers as in building. Now it’s time to fly “true enemies” again, no pointless Invader for full XP. And even if you use the bank, it will take time to refill it.
All in all, this event should do the origin well.

So you don’t want people to be able to easily obtain maximum experience points for their dragon’s without being entirely reliant on their team mates (or using multiple dragon’s and lowering training efficiency). I think this idea shows how out of touch you are with the realities of trying to obtain experience at the upper levels of the game.

P.S. If you hate invader so much, don’t use it. But DO NOT advocate taking away something that makes players lives easier. If I had to go back to regular xp bases to train my dragon’s instead of using the invader, I’d just quit the game.


It’s just the same event, farming and spending rss, but without making progress in your account. Why would we want that?

A steady and fairly rapid cycle of build/breed events is important to those trying to grow, get stronger, get new dragons. If you want something to break the cycle, you have to factor that, and then you have to have something that makes it different so it’s not just the same old loop of actions under a new name.

edit: If invaders were gone tomorrow we would just get XP from XP farms instead of real bases, because XP is important and we don’t want to screw it up, and real bases give very little XP for the difficulty. And there’s quite a lot of atlas teams, those who want it can probably have it at this point. Those who don’t … well, sadly they’re getting pretty neglected.


I do not want to take Atlas away, but in my opinion the focus should be on the former game again. And it’s most likely to look at resource-focused events.
Points, prizes and rewards for resources that are in abundance anyway - so what’s the problem?

I still remember the times without Atlas (I play this game pretty much from the beginning - there was no Atlas back then) - and it worked well then!
There are ambitious people in every clan, every league. And this ambition would give even in such an event no peace, I’m sure.

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There were also a LOT less tiers. Many would argue the game was best when Gold was the top tier in the game. But dragon’s now require a TON of experience and real bases give so little.

You say you want more focus on the main game but to be honest, after 3+ years of playing, it all war dragon’s had to offer was JUST the main game and nothing else, I’d probably quit. Or become one of those players who log in once a week or something.


But I do not see anything in your statements that speaks against my proposal. It’s more about Atlas, Atlas - what else? Yes, I forgot Atlas.
It used to be, there were already XP farms - and they continue to exist.
But that is also more difficult, because you have to fly more often or have a magician tower in the base.

Can we please return from the topic “Atlas” to the actual topic? Dearest thanks!

Okay then. I think the idea is a stupid waste of resources that does absolutely NOTHING to improve player’s bases (their defensive capabilities) or what dragons they can fly (their offensive capabilities).

This idea is 1,000 times worse than the feeding event. I do not think there is any way to salvage this idea because it does nothing to provide progression to a player’s experience in the game beyond earning sigils for seasonal items. Because of that, I feel that the idea should just be scrapped. If PG ever ran another event like this that trashed the recourse economy without providing player progression, I’d know that it was time to quit playing.

-Speaking as a member of the GPF, not as a moderator.


What else do you do with resources that are abundant?
It is built only every four weeks, fed as well.
The warehouses are overflowing, even the banks are often full. Where then with the resources?

I personally don’t see a problem with having too much lumber. And if your team has all dragons at expert and still overflowing with food, I hear there are teams out there that do buy food for gold. Honestly it gets really expensive food wise when the dragons get high level. 2M or more food per level isn’t exactly chump change.


:eyes: Someone has food?