New 101 & 102 Towers

Considering the new towers are out and maxed by most players how do you think the new dragon perform against them. Hope PG changes the AP power on new drags… Naja and especially Danav who broke my expectations and also the previous one Noctarn and Faf-Nyr

Not to forget the Crystal Howitzer Tower

Have they reached expert yet?
Noc and Faf are last season mythic, so they don’t count

There’s also a new den level, so I don’t expect much will chance between maxed dragons and maxed towers.

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Except Naja capped at 98. But 2 levels for towers and then defended oh my.

but usually the Mythic last about 2 seasons and degrading after

Don’t think so.
Mythic drags always have the same cap as the lineage dragons released during the season.

For example Noc winter season, You can use his during the season and after which is Spring Season. Summer he will be weak. So as Maja is Spring season and will be ok until Summer.

Kinda similar to Noc2 and Faf then.

They’re expert at lv 115 Den, while current tower’s level is balanced for lv 117 Den

Agreed on that but what i am stating is the use of the mythics would last during the season you got it until the next

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