New Abyssal mythics

Hello PG :

Just wanted to ask or share my feedback and input on the newly added hunter mythic ( MEDUSYS ) I love the dragon art he looks insane a dark glow within him would be epic for a better art and fly experience, anyway …

His spells … I’m getting a vibe that your slightly adjusting hunters to be more skilled and precise in there skill base attacks. Which I get, but with no heal spell not even a little one is a hard ask with defenders etc not everyone is great with hunters and feel if a small heal spell was added to maybe his death stare as is shown on (( narlyth with his spike spell ))) I feel would go along way and definitely help the community and the flying experience as a whole.

But again adding a dark pulsing art within him would look insane !

May thanks looking farward to hearing from you

E :dragon:

You find the missing spells on the Sorcerer, hes looking for his spells too, that the hunter has :nerd_face::rofl:

Agree, I have heard a lot of people talk about issues with the sorcerer and yes it’s early days and of corse getting the reponse of more then just the PG team I’m sure will help iron out issues what we are all finding when playing regualry. We are all here to help each other and hope the Pg team notice all of our inputs.

You seem to be under the impression that PG knows or even cares to know their game. They don’t. In their defence having a hunter with a heal wasn’t always needed. Look at Morphos for example.

Although I agree with you I don’t thing PG will care. Look at all the stupid things they have done. So much of this game is unbalanced it’s outrageous. You would think that as time went on a company would get better at making a good game, not worse. But PG proves that to not be the case. The current seasonal mythic is the least of our worries.

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