New Achievements & Special Prizes Suggestions?

Came across this… and it’s fundamentally sound!
If PG threw in some more unlockables based on effort Vs CC numbers it might bring back some of the fun…


another game I play has “limit packs”. every 30 min or so you spend being active you get one, with an option to open it now for gems or in two hours for free…

idk if you’re just doing suggestions from other games or achievements specifically


Any suggestions will work at least it gives some ideas old or new that could help with the boredom factor.

Too bad all that matters now is who has the deepest wallet :sweat_smile::joy::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


:thinking: Temple Raid avatar?

Also, don’t we have mythic gear as well? Sure that paying made it easier, but still possible even without.

Some new portraits that you can unlock after winning a certain amount of battles or after winning a certain amount of medals. I remember there was a portrait that was obtainable after winning 5,000 battles. So maybe one that requires you to win 100,000 battles. I’d think if they were awesome portraits it would encourage people to play more. But please don’t rush them. I would love to have some awesome portraits. Also it would be even more awesome if they weren’t just handed out to everyone. Make them different to obtain but not impossible. I’m sure the war dragons community would have a blast coming up with some ideas if you need them PG.


I’d like if there were unlockable perks for reaching certain medal counts. Of course that would require medals to function properly but personal medal counts are completely pointless. It would be nice if there were perks for those with high activity.


The problem with a lot of achievement portraits and such in WD would be availability.

Pick a number of medals, or of battles? Either you go incredibly high, and make it permanently unreachable for 99.99% of players, or every player over level 400/500/600 has it on day one.

Have some secret hidden things to find? Only takes one person to find them, and at a bare minimum it will spread from them to their team - and likely to their friends, then their friends’ teams, their alliance, and the entire game.

Have some particular base stuff, or dragon stuff, or seasonal stuff? Then it’s purely down to money, AND half the players in Diamond will have it on release day.

Have some particular Atlas accomplishments? Then it’s either down to whoever has had access for the longest or, like the existing “special” Atlas ones, it’s just a free gift for the same teams every season.

I think the only special achievements and awards I’d really like to see would be for Assault, given out to the players who got the best scores for a particular tier, and to the player who got the best score overall. THAT is something impressive, difficult to achieve, and worthy of particular recognition.

I dont think it necessarily needs to be accessible by everyone. If you look at a lot of these higher level players they have less than half the medals of someone 200 levels lower than them. I think there should be some kind of reward for being active and grinding rather than just buying. It would be nice for once to see the grinders get something that you couldnt just buy with a cc.

And it could be achievable by everyone if they reach that requirement(s), just like the old achievents quests that gave you rewards for accomplishing things and for reaching certain levels. They could just expand on that.

There are already plenty of things in the game that not everyone can get and that’s ok but for once it would be nice to see some stuff that is earned through work alone


I miss when I was a newbie and wanted to reach those portraits :frowning: sucks they didn’t keep that going


:thinking: Perhaps there are portraits worth chasing now.
Something like


What we need is more progression achievements. Hatching dragons and winning battles for portraits. Achievements for various stuff (experting dragons, getting to a certain level.)

Stuff like this helps ground the game to something. It makes it feel like a game.
Upgrading towers wouldn’t just be there to do, to shoot down more dragons, or uncap other aspects of the game, it would also be to make progress over on this achievements board.
We all like new shinies, give us some that everyone can reach and actually strive for; not some new, shiny dragon that you convince yourself you need, something you can earn with and without grinding. A badge with some modest prizes that give way to the next achievement that you keep looking back to.

I still can remember not having the earnable portraits and having achievements to do. I needed 500k medals to get a portait, that week I made it a point to get there. The achievement wanted me to expert 3 legendary dragons, I put in a few extra runs a day until it was done.

I still have atlas achievements to do. I look at them occasionally, and make it a point to trap the primarch in NML before attacking it to add the number of primarchs trapped for the achievement because, I want to complete them.

As for the main game, all of the grounding faded away as I completed all the achievements. Now, there isn’t as much of a ground apart form what I convince myself I need to do.


I like all the progression prize ideas!
Gives you something to go for!

Maybe, a line of “Quest Dragons” you have to do many different things to unlock them?

They could be collectibles, cute or possibly super powerful depending on the requirements?


Y’all I agree 100% these are great ideas btw. Anything that cuts the boredom of the regular same oh same oh that’s always won by the wallet warriors would be awesome in my opinion… Something for the grinders and people who participate in all events would show how important we are lol. Without us the wallet warriors of Diamond and Sapphire wouldn’t have any reason to spend to win.


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