New activity for Atlas please

I’m kind of bored with Atlas activities, so let’s have something new for this mode.

  1. Catch beast Pokémon style. You travel Atlas and encounter different beasts. Instead of killing it you can capture it and have it as a pet. Then you can battle other players with your beast instead of a dragon in Atlas.

  2. Merchant empire. You travel across Atlas to collect different goods. You buy and sell them to increase your gold. You can also have a bank to store extra gold. Beware of bandits/ other players during your travel though.

  3. Map quest. You accept riddles from PG and travel across Atlas to discover special locations. This will give you special prizes.

Big no to the first. Like hell oh no.

Second, meh too much but could be a way to start.

Third, I don’t know about that one :).

What you describe looks like whole new games and Atlas is already so different from the main game that certain argues it should be independent from War Dragons.

  1. I’d like to see Beasts jump across large body of water, or swim through it. Will certainly not waste time while the defender’s team retaliate… Also beasts vs. towers? Troops? Other beasts? If that’s the kind of game you are craving there’s probably something else you can find during Atlas dry spells…

  2. Again, if you like treasure hunts, there’s probably something you can find elsewhere. There’s already a bank for gold in Atlas once you have a castle. And players can already steal your gold, why give them more incentive to do so?

  3. Just more treasure hunt. While I love riddles I doubt PG will make any of them difficult, probably another grind to collect dozens of rare items. You’re better off trying to grind crystals to improve your gear or evolve your rider (rare).

Conclusion I disagree with your suggestion. It seems to me we already have too much to do in the main game and Atlas. Not only that but it will increase the gap between have/have not as not everyone has Atlas, and not everyone wants it, even. This is my personal opinion.

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bored??? your team must not be active in atlas then. Atlas is never a dull moment.

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how did u get this "Shame :bell: Shame :bell: Shame :bell: " on your name

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The Lanisters gave me their blessing :bell::bell::bell:


I think he bullied a mod for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: from what I gathered in their recruitment post…


Any attempt to try to bully me into giving someone a title must be made in my recruitment post and will not be answered favorably.

I agree with Rogue, I also didn’t understand how you could be bored in Atlas, you must be missing something to do. I don’t recall when I had enough time to do everything I wanted!

Maybe completion of the quest could be to kill a game bug…

I like the idea of creating new activity for Atlas. However, PG cant even maintain normal function of the current game. Lol

I wouldn’t exactly call this bullying :joy:

On topic: If you have castles, Atlas tends to be more active. Although I must say it’s not much fun when players decide to randomly come hit your castles and give you rubbish glory for killing off a bunch of your troops :unamused:

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I’m just sweet and nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This game is called War Dragons, not Atlas Dragons. How about instead work on improving how atlas actually functions and make it less like North Korea

If you start adding all that other junk then you might as well just make it a totally separate game.

These changes are very easy to make, especially the last two points.

  1. You send your prim to wind zone to pickup wind gems, and transport it to a fire zone. You’ll be attacked by bandits during travel. You need to attack these bandits to protect your goods. This will be mini temple raid type run; where you attack random bases with selected tier dragons. The better you score at the attack, the more goods you save.

  2. PG ask you to locate a castle called xyz, where you have to send your prim to discover it. The clue is “ NW of Atlas, next to red zone, etc. No attacks needed, and is for people who wants to take a break from battling and who enjoys scouting.

These two type of activities can easily be done and replace worthless missions.

I enjoy how he just described how atlas used to be, and tried to make it sound new. Atlas had merchant originally. And NPC ships moved. And you bought stuff or sold stuff. And had your own individual banks.

I do miss the banks. Made things easy. Never an issue with teammates

but …there are wars in atlas… more so than the main game…so…

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I don’t think the teams who own the treasure target castles will put up with the lag of having tons of strangers in pve mode at their place. Anyone having experience the lag around Aligane knows what I’m talking about…

Sometimes I wonder if the devs aren’t allowing Aligane to be overcrowded just to see how far the lag can get before breaking Atlas…

Also I don’t think you realize that these changes are NOT easy to make. They just look easy from your perspective.

These changes would be HUGE and completely change the game WarDragsons is supposed to be. In fact, all of those suggestions sounds like other games already. Honestly, I think requests like this put pressure on the WD team to keep adding more and more instead of fixing the bugs in what we already have so it actually runs smoothly.

Could I get a title that says “You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a Flak”?

On topic: I do think we need different Atlas events. Especially the rider primarch one must be difficult for people who have had Atlas for a while. I only have had it for about 9 months and all my riders are fully trained (how many atlas riders do we really need?) and I have expert silver rusher and destroyer. Just have taunter and sieger left, then what?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: As hilarious as I find this, somehow I doubt @Arelyna would go for it.

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Just another player request that has been ignored for months and months. Max prims and… and… and what? Nobody knows. Maybe this is addressed in some grand Atlas revamp but at the current pace, we will be old, gray, and less interested in video games and trolling forums about walkers, adult diapers, and safe sex in a full time care facility setting…

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