New Airplane Mode? - The Swap and Assist Flight

Hello community,

I won’t lie, I have had the distinct advantage to not run into much cheating on a larger scale in quite a long time, especially when it comes to war. However, I have just run into a rather strange set of behaviors. Let me do an easy list for timeline:

  • Basic war wave comes in
  • Click the banner to defend myself
  • Rejected, message unreadable as it was in Japanese.
  • “You’ve been attacked” bit comes up, turns out no one was in my defense.
  • Watch reply - lead (low level) immediately swaps and assist (max Rhyo) finishes the attack.

This same set of circumstances was also observed by other defending “bigs” on my team when defending themselves.

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I have experienced something similar to what you are describing. However, I don’t know if it is cheating or server problem. Could be my device internet connection.

Normally I would say the same thing, but I have quite fabulous internet and the same exact thing has happened multiple times in the past 44 minutes to multiple people on my team. All the “bigs” strangely enough…

This happens when the first attacker swaps faster than defenders can join the attack. Something about the game mechanics won’t allow defenders to join after the first dragon swaps, hence the rejection message.

You may get ten seconds to join for defense but they’re typically 2 seconds ahead of you, or more. It usually happens during a wave as you’re trying to pick out your defense banner from the 10-30 incoming banners.

The defender lag is why so many bases, including mine, have some weak lead tower like a low level mage. If you’re getting attacked by a level 54 alt backed by a level 400+ player, however, the token lead player swaps immediately instead of trying to kill anything.

Get PG to fix defender lag and “network delay” issues and this won’t happen to anyone any more.


Thanks @Gorg423 - this is good to know, even though there is nothing I can do but grow more frustrated at this system.

@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis is PG aware that is is being used by teams to ensure they cannot be defended in war?

It’s pretty much the bigs-carry strategy employed in lower leagues brought into diamond vs people actually being able to lead. :see_no_evil:

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What makes is more frustrating is that an undefended base is easy, a defended is not.

It’s a sad tactic but considering the alternative… getting whacked and all rage drained before a max Obsidian dragon gets a chance… I see why some spineless hacks use this tactic.

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The player that attacked me didn’t swap at the start and still couldn’t join

Go back to defend your base

I see this used against us all the time. I’ll just assume it’s a valid game strategy since PG allows it.

I myself was not personally aware of this happening, but @Gorg423 explains it very well. I’ll send a message to the team to inquire! In the meantime, if this persists in wars (which I imagine it will if people are trying to take advantage of it), feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team who can also help escalate the issue on their end.


+1, we’ve encountered the exact same scenario on multiple occasions. I’m curious why it comes up with a different language. Curious if your/I/we are joining at the exact time the individual is ‘swapping’? Curious if that could cause a network lag/connection issue?

It’s in a different language, because the room’s owner has their default set as another language. It’s a bit mind boggling that it wouldn’t use the language of the person who’s actually going to be reading it. :rofl:


There are alot of teams doing this unintentionally when you have large level disparity.


@PGCrisis did you find out anything about this yet?

Maybe we should all start doing the instant swap!

There are relatively easy ways to make this go away. The issue is fundamentally where the battle is hosted.

Basically, if you attack, you are the host of the room. Their servers ensure that everyone is talking to each other (in theory), but the server is NOT authoritative in battle. The attacker’s client has the final word (as long as it doesn’t miss a ping check). I won’t say how long the initial attacker can go “silent” for, since that would only make the problem worse. But everything that happens in a battle is sent from the attacker’s client to the server, and the server accepts it. This opens up many opportunities for manipulation.

Battles should be hosted on the server. This is not rocket science. Allowing a client to be authoritative for anything other than player input is a really bad idea (Ban Wave '17 ringing any bells?)


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