New Android update?

Anyone know why there’s a new update dated today. It just appeared. Nervous because it mentions primarch redesign

iOS update mentions primarch redesign when we did the latest update. Prims are still as they were. :eyes:

I just checked for my alt account and sure enough there is an update dated yesterday but the changelog wasnt changed.

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So just a duplicate?

The minor rev was incremented, but I’m not downloading anything I dont understand.

@Arelyna can you help describing what’s new in this just released update?

An update was known to be coming, but would be good to have the update notes…


I did download and confirmed it is not listed as 5.01. It is listed as 5.0.1. :woman_shrugging:

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What does it do? Less negative currency?

I never got the negative currency issue. I haven’t figured out what they changed. It was a 24Mb download. So I assume something in the code. Assets didnt change file size.

No issues in game though trying to join or such.

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So do we know why a minor patch was pushed?

No response from PG.

Mystery update I guess

Sorry for the silence everyone! The update was to make some changes to our logging.


logging like… seeing MORE THAN ONE past attack? :star_struck:

I don’t think so. I still only see one if I am online or the list if I hit the black rectangle that always showed more. I usually would pick one from that list then I could see the latest one from the regular replay / revenge menu.

I assume it’s logging for the myriad of errors that the game has been churning out lately.

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