New Armory disaster

Not again.
I thought the last time PG tried the anamation BS it got shot down by the player.
Why try again?
Go back to how it was.
If it ain’t broke why try to break it?


is event live just because armory up? No event tab


Totally agree. Why has it come back?.. why oh why! :joy:


just the armory. the event starts later i suppose.

Just for a new twist…

The detail and brown-ness of everything is murdering my eyes. Not to mention that the bonus chest I had ready is missing… :t_rex:

Oh no!!! not again!!!

I see in the LC that people love it… I don’t.

You didn’t use it last week when Runic Chests were up?

No, I thought it would work with the sigil chests as well? :t_rex:

It did before. Uh oh, looks like they “fixed” the free special chests for us.

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Rank in order of approximate fun:

a) the new armory
b) Kingdom Wars
c) paying 125k tokens for Anapa
d) the general existence of megacoins
e) rare runes in runic chests
f) getting a bruise on your knee
g) the mighty SUPER SIGIL prize in the awe-inspiring quantity of 25 (credit to @PrideDemonHBD)

Let’s have a debate, gamers!


I really, really hate that tapping on the actual chest icon now opens them. That is a terrible design. It should only be tapping on the x1 or x10 options as it was before. I was trying to see the list of items in the chests and instead opened 1 by mistake. PLEASE get rid of that.


you forgot the 25, 50 and even 100 sigils in the SS chests


Hey, it’s okay, I LOVE accidentally opening chests I didn’t mean to.

Bad UI, PG.


I love the new armory. Watching draco do his magic.

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How about when this doesn’t go away? :neutral_face: :t_rex:

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Are you ready to watch that animation EVERY SINGLE TIME, though?


I got fooled :sob:

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No wayyy!its so annoying!((
Cool animation,but I want to open my chests in peace :see_no_evil::joy_cat: