New Armory disaster


Can we just agree on the perfect armory and tell PG to build it??

  • No long winded animations (or a toggle to turn it off)
  • Quick repeat opens
  • Easier to read drops
  • Drop rate information buttons
  • Perpetual (stays between events)
  • Actually gives out the free daily chests properly


Sounds good!

And the good news is the new interface was mostly there, just take out the animation and desaturize/darken the rarity colors by a few steps and we’re there.

Let’s hope that we had the old armory back for a bit because they were doing exactly that…


I agree with mech & you, I’d say they were pretty close.

Funny that your suggestion to tone down colors just reminded me of the new UI fiasco where the orange made people’s eyes bleed :joy:


Plus carried over silver bonus?


That was a bit of a weird trick only known to some, not really fair, I don’t mind that they fixed it. Would’ve been nice to replace with with free daily chests in all events though, would not be legendary drops, but a free runic / super sigil a day would be a fair replacement I think, and available to everyone without special tricks.


I’d say not updating silver chest contents for several years and then throwing overpriced runic chests with useless rare runes at players is one way to force your customers into using tricks and exploits to get anything.

They push harder and harder until their greed reaches a limit and only then they act on it (call it maximizing profits if you need a softer economical term).

Carry over bonus vanished, silver chest droplist got updated. :rainbow:

Rinse and repeat elsewhere.


So… are we going to get the newer armory layout back sometime? I really like seeing the drop rates and despite the crazy colors, it was a lot quicker. :t_rex:


Um it’s back?

At least it is on my iPad. Not in my android


No no, I mean the newER one. The one with the drop rates. Not this green one. :t_rex:


If you feel Ike reading it,

Gold chances

Sorry… Life is busy, and I’m feeling lazy. I’m sure when he has time Mech can make it pretty. :grinning:

His sheets look better than my excel ever did.


Identical to what i have currently so all is saved :smiley:

TY for saving the day and being so Savage


Pg in their wisdom have now decided to abolish the new armory once again. Cudos to them.
But in return they have decided to keep the armory alive between events and in doing so are denying us the chance to collect rubies from monuments. This would be fine if they returned the chance of getting rubies from chests. Remember the good old days when PG had a conscience and gave value for money and/or effort.


There were at one time rubies in chests?! :t_rex:


Yes there was and yes it was glorious.


Wow, cool. First I’ve heard about that. Long before my time, lol. :t_rex:


And you used to be able to grind thru an event and end up with more Energy packs, IF, rubies and timers than before you started the event.


Damn, how times have changed… :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


You’re going way back. Lol.

But he speaks truth.


Well. I had the new armory… Again.

And now (after event started and I rebooted) I do not.

Very strange.


That happened to me last event, too :thinking: :t_rex: