New Atlas Changes… Respectfully Disagree

I’m not one that usually comes to the forums to voice my concerns about War Dragons, as I tend to be more of a behind the scenes, adapt, adjust, move on, and keep playing the game I love… However, we have now reached a culminating point in the game. How many more teams need to disband and players quit before we realize there needs to be a change to balance the playing field?

What I see, is that the new changes remove many opportunities for teams on all levels and forces teams to play a war game a certain way, making the game predictable, repetitive, and boring.

Teams are forced into attrition warfare, where resources are low and their morale is constantly beat down until they disband because they have no other choice due to the lack of resources and players from constant loss. Taking 10% infrastructure from a team that is trying to rebuild or grow and forcing a certain number of guards they may not have in reserve to get bonuses only helps destroy that teams morale and diminish the drive to try and get better. Do we not want competition? To see this game grow and last?

This is coercion. Teams are being involuntarily told, forced, into having to add guards so that other teams have the opportunity to take them. They are being told they have to hold castles long term or they will lose infrastructure. Minimizing their options for how to fight their enemies… Once again, making the game predictable, repetitive, and boring.

I could go on but I’m trying to keep this short and to the point. Please explain to me how these newest changes help the game grow overall? How do these changes allow teams to build and get stronger? How do these changes allow teams to still play their style of war? How do these changes help the battlefield for all to enjoy playing?

This isn’t about what alliance you are from. There needs to be enemies or you don’t have war. This is about looking at the game as a collective and what is best for the community, not just a handful of teams. These changes would absolutely help my team get more glory from smaller teams but at what cost to the game? Sometimes the greater good of the collective outweighs personal gain.

Please comment your support to stop these changes to show PG that the War Dragons community is united and making a stand. I ask that everyone remain respectful and focused on the topic, not team bashing or individually attacking each other. This is a game, but real people play it and everyone deserves to be respected and heard, no matter what your stance is.


Well spoken Poit, lots of respect and full approval for this from PyratStar here from XxroyalsXx


Well, the game has gotten so bad that it requires players to be in it 24/7 and use paid bots to catch enemies at their castles.

All this is already just sick, I’m not even talking about the numerous bugs that are repeated over and over again.

PGs should just close this game if they can’t make it comfortable.


Heyyyy who’s ready for War Dragons 2!!!

Edit: I’ve got some great ideas jusr sayin pg my dms are open

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This post has my full support and that of my team


This isn’t forced, just that if you don’t add me you won’t get infra bonuses.


Which makes the castle useless. Unless your goal is simply to deprive other teams of the castle…….


Maybe, I just pointed out that nobody is forcing you to hire me.


Well said POIT! Darkguild agrees 100%. It’s time for everyone to take a Stand and work together to play our game the way we want. Teams need to grow and be able to defend themselves. This game has become a power struggle and no longer fun. Time to take it back, make it fun again. We all have put a lot of time and heart into this game and it’s time pg listened and learned, before it’s too late.


Technically you are forcing us to put them on if we want to have the bonuses we have all worked for. Troops are hard enough to build having to wait for hat regeneration. Now you want to force us to feed larger teams guards or we get punished. This makes it impossible for teams to continue to grow and enjoy the game.


Right on point, it is better to feed me to your enemies than giving them live troops.

Also, what’s the work that was put in for those bonuses? Here I’m referring to the new land castles.


Players are the ones that spend the time building troops, getting team glory and hunting for gold to build the infrastructures to receive the bonuses. Also, many have used their speeds and/or diamonds for infrastructures, as well as troops to protect them. It should be the player’s choice to put what they choose to in guards to keep them.


Which is exactly what makes it forced

You can say that dirt is yummy ice cream - but in the end… dirt is dirt


I can get behind this, loss of infrastructure will hurt and is something that should not be implemented imo.

Again, it is better that the enemy hits me than troops for which players have put in time and effort.

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Here’s the thing the game is poorly designed.

It produces a winner or has produced a winner they have the statue and they are in retirement. The game has finished it’s been won.

The cow is almost dead it must be milked till it’s dry this is just another squeeze….nothing new to see.

It’s long past paint drying now I am checking for water freezing in my freezer as it’s more entertaining.


Doesn’t make sense with reference to the context of the post.

What players now have is a ‘choice’

  • load a certain amount of guards and get infra bonuses
  • leave the castles as is and don’t get infra bonuses

You need to take the risk of enemies hitting me if you wish to enjoy your bonuses💕, which is fair.

It would have been forced if PG were to add me on all castles by default like some players have suggested… Automatic hiring of CastleGuards each day till the castle has maximum number of CastleGuards hired.


Thank you for the support!


Personally I think the changes they are implementing is long overdue and will be a move in the right direction to fix how the game is played.
Making a minimum amount of guards required will help balance the game and might fix the piles of teams that have been been playing with next to no guards and making teams not bothering hitting them.


I appreciate the support!


The reason most hold castles is to get bonuses… so it is forced if you want the bonus. You are correct that it is not forced to simply hold a castle at little to no benefit to the team.