New atlas rider looks good

Yep! I added up the ingame stats, so as long as I didn’t mess up my math, this should be correct :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This makes me wonder though. Why are the in game stats different from the ones in the post? And is it only with this rider or are their differences in the dragons as well? Do I have to find someone that knows how to pull game files just to get real numbers since there’s obvious discrepancies in what’s being announced?

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Usually just a revision issue with announcements

Another useless junk provided by pg to impress players!
Wth is storm tower boost for??? Please, please, someone explain it to me

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:brain: a lot of ppl have storms and earth flacks! Let’s make a rider just for them! This is what happens when the ppl making the game do not play the game, and don’t understand there game


I don’t have any question about why to use storm tw, but what is storm tower attack boost???!!! Is it feasible at all?

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Its modeling 10/0 for me… :roll_eyes: sorry if i make mad anyone :pray:
Stats are better then Kasima ??? not check it yet. If better for sure hes going to be my new defender.

Edit ;i just compare it with my defenders and … nu commend :woman_facepalming:


It’s wayyyyyyyy shitier than makenzie this show you how much worst he is without calculate anything


Nope. The storm attack runes don’t have any meaningful effect so the rider would be the same. Complete waste.

Crom is a a blanket tower increase of 18 percent attack and 23 percent hp per tower

Kasima is 16 attack and 20 hp per tower BUT it provides an additional 10 percent attack and 10 percent hp boost towards 2 flaks of your choice so it will slightly boost your power from Crom if you have one of each flak type.

If you have 2 ice flaks and 2 dark flaks for example then all Four towers get a 20 percent additional buff for an even bigger power gain and tougher flaks.

Skip Antonius and get Crom or Kasima


I’d have to agree with this summary. Kasima or Crom overall are better. Those new to atlas can still use the blue shards to get a past rider- which I would recommend in this case unless they adjust this rider some.


Some wont be enough to turn this rider into something usefull. Hes complete upper garbage.

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Oh well there’s always next time and tomorrow

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