New Atlas Season - Official Discussion Thread

Well, well, well, prims are primed, troops are trouped, Atlas has a new sigil in town. IT’S THE NEW ATLAS SEASON: Find Out What Lays Beyond the Rift in The Atlas Celestial Rift Season!

Discuss, Dragon Lords!


Eh-another defensive rider but :heart_eyes: the portrait looks great :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Time to start killing again :partying_face:


Tbh, it’s better than people give it credit for imo :grin:


I didn’t say it was bad it’s just I don’t particularly need it :joy: I jus want the cute portrait

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It’s a cool portrait but I’m not sure if I’d call it cute :flushed: I’m really concerned for Ryva’s posture :fearful:

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It reminds me of you…

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Pffffft :cry:

Edit: I retract my pfffft :rofl:

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I said cute? It’s a compliment-ish


Ryva somehow reminded me of Grace Jones! Hmmn :roll_eyes:

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@PGGalileo Will the 100% glory limit be increased to be above level 550 this season?

In the past pg said they choose where 100% glory for all starts to allow players to have three islands of max towers before becoming 100% glory. So will 550 be increased to accommodate level 120 towers?


So excited about all these new things!! It’s amazing!


Can we add more branches please and maybe limited time branches, the atlas prizes have been basically the exactly same format for ages while the other side has had lots of changes and improvements be nice to jazz atlas prizes up and make more for those of us who finish the season way early


I can ask!


Rounds and Scoring
The entire Atlas Celestial Rift Season will be made up of two-week rounds.
At the end of each two-week round, the Leaderboard will update with Victory Points earned by each team based on the top 20 most valuable castles they own at that time.

Once again PG fails to fix the most fundamentally stagnation-impacting part of the game. Atlas season rewards linked to castle ownership where those who have 20 buried level 5’s or 4’s get max season prizes FOR DOING NOTHING.

We have called for this to be changed for over 2 years.

The only reason NOT to change it is if they were to effect a map reset each season, THEN who gets and holds the most castles would actually be relevant.

Until then, some blend of castles and atlas season glory would be better.

Oh, and as to the Atlas season prizes…

1st Place Team
1,100 days’ worth of expedites
2nd Place Team
700 days’ worth of expedites
3rd Place Team

11th-25th Place Teams
175 days’ worth of expedites

How is it that first place is exponentially better than 11th? In a fair contest there should be good rewards, but this reward scale is out of kilter with the reward scaling in the rest of the game.
Let’s give the top team boundless free resources to build those monster bases that keep them in sole domination (unless another team wants to spend over 1M real $ annually)

I love this game, warts and all, I really do, but a game should be fun and not make me depressed. When I try to explain the mechanics of the game to friends they all look at me in amazement and wonder why I ever bother to play. It’s the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and a over and expecting a different result.


Going to go ahead and call this out as a wildly inappropriate comparison and comment for reasons that should be obvious but just in case they aren’t – diminishing someone’s real-life physical and emotional trauma by comparing it to a video game whose rules you don’t agree with is not going to fly here.

Warning for everyone - as this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this.

Please be more judicious when making comparisons, all.


I will never diminish the impact of real life issues, in this game over the years I’ve heard of many heartbreaking situations and done my best to support people in every one of them.
I modified my wording. The feeling of running up against the same brick wall over and over remains.


The artwork in this game is beautiful. Loving the crystal caves look and new atlas art :+1:


How long before new season start aproximatively?

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somtime tomorrow, Thursday!