New Atlas Season?

There is only a day or so left to finish current atlas season. Are we going to have an announcement for next season? or Is PG going to extend this season? @PGGalileo


They aren’t ready for the new season yet. So they put bugs in and stuff to extend the old one a few days, watch


… :thinking:

@PGGalileo Pvp are disabled for other 23h and 57m, season end within 1d and 1h, what do we have to expertise? Loosing elite (paied) and last glory?


Always confused when people say the downtime costs them their atlas elite benefits? I agree the downtime is annoying and it being right at the end of the season is trash, but it doesn’t mess with your atlas benefits. You still get your extra gold, shards and your troop training is still sped up. What atlas elite benefits are you losing here? Am I missing something?


It doesn’t directly affect elite… however, it affects with the revival of troops

The new season announcement is now posted:

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Do the thing!

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Ok but Atlas has a downtime since sunday, are you giving the chance to wrap up the last sigils of this season or not?

Ok but this is related to the new season. What about if someone needs to finish last points??? @Daedalus @PGGalileo

can you extend the atlas season as long as pvp is stuck on the atlas?

I needed those last 2 1/2 days to finish a mythic gear piece. I really need that extension. Worked my ass off all season only to lose out when I’m so close … don’t want to spend badges on something else only to find out they are extending it … we need clarification NOW!

If you were intending to tag someone who’s actually in charge of a certain aspect of this game, Daedalus is just a moderator :sweat_smile: (and GPF, but you get my point). Moderators don’t cover certain aspects of the game the same way PG does. They just keep forum conversations civil. If not though, my bad :slightly_smiling_face:


This was a really jerky move from PG. Players plan their Atlas season over 3 months! Then, if you miss some mythic gear, you can’t get it for 6 months. So for PG to make no adjustments for this unplannable downtime is a real a-hole move!

Don’t get me wrong: I assume that the downtime wasn’t done on purpose. Probably just sloppy management. But to not make any amends is just abusive to the players. Remedy: one more day of old Atlas season. And don’t put up PvP shields for the day.

(Disclosure: I spent diamonds to get my last prizes. But I feel badly for players without this option.)

Sorry, I don’t work here. :yum:

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ok, but you replied me :wink: Thank you for this

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