New atlas shard packs

So, how cynical should I be? Atlas shard prizing has been dramatically reduced for a number of weeks now. Then all of a sudden some new $100 packs appear in the store? (costs me $139 but that’s another issue)


Honestly, I see it as a twisted response to the cost of upgrading armor… went from about $400 to these packs that let you decide which armor you want to go for :roll_eyes: it’s “cheaper”

The thing that struck me was that the cheapest pack was $50. If this is their solution to the shard shortage, they’re rapidly pricing most players out of the market.


No, that was done with Megacoins already.

Kingpin event yielded massive amounts of shards. I’m hoping this isn’t the replacement for that event. 99 bucks for 200k shards is ludicrous, and I won’t be spending on that pack no matter how long it takes to save up.

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I really hope not. Because these new shard packs are NOT the answer.

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Just passed ya in Atlas :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Who me? :grin::grin::grin:

Gotta agree. The shard rewards in the current gear event, they are pathetic to be honest. some 80-100 shard pr reward tier. need 20 rewards to just start crafting one item. Claim all rewards, and you still cannot level one legend gear.


Math is hard. But I’m not sure how the “all shard” pack (375k shards/5k scrolls) AND the new packs (300k shards/3k scrolls) are both 99.99 AND a 75% discount.

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Right? 75% discount off what? The last kingpin event, in maxed it out… had over 500k of each shard. Instead of that we get packs?! I just upgraded a legendary shield from level 8 to 9… cost 160k primary shard, a little less of the 2nd. There’s no way I would spend 99 bucks for that 1 upgrade.

People asked for more scrolls, so they changed it and gave more scrolls, but took away shards. If they wanna make shards scarce so you can only get them by spending, then I simply won’t get them, and if it gets bad enough balance-wise, I’ll find something else to play.


I could not agree more.

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And if they are both 75% off… What do you get for 5 packs?

5 original packs versus 1 each if the new ones…

They cannot possibly be 75% off the same thing…

Lol the funny thing is this was so avoidable. Just give 50k more primary shards, 25k more secondary, and 2k more scrolls, and it looks like a PR win. Like, for once, they could have easily tried to keep the customer in mind without losing anything at all. By “for once” I mean not in a press release saying “we always put our focus on the customer” which is only true if always means never. But if math is this hard what should we really expect?

Well that and have more relevant shards combos, personally just give 500k one element shards type, and 3k scrolls.

Does damage per second cap out at 10.5m and does health cap out at 120m? I’ve upgraded several legendary pieces on Destar. The overall attack power went up but shows no change in damage per second or health.

What I don’t get is some gear of the same element require different shards. is this the reason why the photo only shows the top portion of the gear? I haven’t had time to really look and confirm the chest and gloves are the same shards but those are even the most important pieces! Is the element specific gear packs suppose to be the supplement for the elite gear upgrade?

Ya the packs are the two elements needed for elite armor pieces.

That is a really good question. Towers have some interesting internal mechanics that cause them to “jump” rather than follow an infinitely smooth curve. @PGCrisis could probably answer this one. I cannot tell by looking at the information available to me. I’m guessing that at some point, the projectile of the dragon (which no gear or rune or research modifies) could become a limitation. The game certainly allows for higher values and can display them. Although, once you get into the hundred billions, you don’t get that decimal any longer. :exploding_head:

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