New atlas update

Sucks Over 20 reinstalls Sent a video of 3 crashes within 90 seconds when trying to attack invaders I have posted on their facebook page I have a complaint into Apple Support has been notified and i have gotten the same garbage responses Try this Try that Your phone is outdated blah blah I have a 256 gig Iphone 8 plus Thats only 8 months old Hmmmm If support was compare to a bra someones breasts would be dragging on the floor Cause the “support “ has been offensive and ineffectual
PG You created this Fix it

May I ask if you are only using 2 or more accounts on one phone?
iOS or Android?

Only one account player here No alts No second devices Thanks for asking

wait, you recorded a video of your phone with your ipad, and than you recorded a video of that video with your phone?

Sorry a bit off topic but I’m so confused.


Not an Ipad its an old version of a Samsung tablet thats not able to run war dragons It was my GrandDaughters before we gave her a new tablet a few years ago So before you get into that please stick to the issue which is the gameplay I am a one account person No alts and aint gotta lie to hang out pal Please watch the video I even say its being recorded using a samsung I have to use the tablet due to time constraints and lack of a better way to record it Its not the best but it shows you whats going on So before you try to pick at me watch the video Then ask yourself how you would like it if your game was behaving this way with no help from support Then if you have a question or an honest comment please post Thanks

You misunderstood me, I’m not picking at you at all I just find it funny the way it was recorded. Whether is a Samsung or IPad does not change that.

On topic tho, I can tell you some things you might want to try, but cant say they’ll work for sure.

Maybe they were referring to an IOS outdate? ensure you have the latest update for your phone.

Lower your phone’s resolution. I actually think this could be your issue.

I know some phones, make the game crash when played at certain resolutions. In my phone for example if I play at 1440, it crashes my game constantly so I keep it at 1080 now.

However in some phones the 1080 seems to also cause issues, so try 720 as well if you are currently on 1080.

I do this every few months and actually improve my loading times, I don’t actually think it will help your case but, cant hurt to try.**

  1. sign out of your account via ingame.
  2. clear cashe
  3. reinstall
  4. install/log back in.
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I have lowered graphics Now I get 1- crash every 2-3 runs If I try to log out of game center it freezes
My IOS is updated I appreciate the advise Some troops made is better than no troops made and am always thankful for help Will try to log out tomorrow again Have tried multiple times today Froze or froze and crashed :grin::+1:

I’m not criticizing your methods, but I feel like coincidences are unlikely true coincidences.

So you used your tablet to record your phone playing. And then used your phone to record the video of the recording play. Is there a reason why you didn’t just use iOS11+ screen recording feature and then uploaded that directly? (Only because it may be related somehow)

A few questions:

The iPhone 8+, what version of iOS do you run? Is it jailbroken? How much of your storage is available? Have you done a hard reboot of the phone? (Quickly hit and release volume up, then Quickly hit and release volume down, then press and hold the lock/power button until the Apple logo appears, it should take much longer than normal power off and on)

Have you reinstalled the game?

When you lowered your resolution, how did you do this? Within the game?

Have you tried forcing all running apps closed? Should not be needed but some apps misbehave.

Are you running more than one app at once (music playing in the background? Auto update of apps running? Anything like that)

Did this work without issue before the update or did it just get worse?

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He could just be a very old guy who doesn’t know how to? xD

He did mention he has a granddaughter.

I get the opposite vibe from what I’m seeing. But it’s all just speculation until we get answers

He seems like he might be a more power user, might even be getting bit by something that wouldn’t apply to a more basic users.

I know theres a feature to use that will allow screen recording i havent explored it as I dont use it i had used q tablet to record like that before and it worked So i went back to what worked as i had no time to explore other options Am not too old though haha only 50 to answer another persons comment and no my phone isnt jailbroke Ios is not saying it needs an update i looked after you asked its a 256 Gig over 150 gb storage left i did a soft and hard reset plus over 20 reinstalls
I lowered the in game graphics in the game settings my seas have no color I stopped all the effects so the game is bland I always close any ap when done with it to conserve battery

Prior to the update I have full game access without crashes All graphics were 100% i could stream Pandora and play without lag or crashes After update no way

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My comment before was to lower the resolution of your actual phone, not your in-game graphics.

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Unless it changed you cannot lower an iphones resolution without jailbreaking it.

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Yeah this doesn’t make a lot of sense. You should not be having trouble.

The phone operates flawlessly with everything else?

iphones lock you at the default resolution? that’s insane to hear in 2019 but is apple lol. Disregard my last post I guess.

Yes the phone operates flawlessly Its in a lifeproof case since I bought it no drops Pandora streams great and all other aps like BoomBeach run good No lags or crashes

Just want to thank everyone for making helpful suggestions and the trouble shooting ideas

Image edited by mod to hide poster’s real name. (If real name was used for the Apple ID.)

I’ve noticed that when I play, I have to make sure no other apps are running. War Dragons needs as much ram as it can get, I’m not talking about available storage space but the cpu ram.

The crashes have calmed down I am currently streaming Pandora and Playing and no crashes So its not the RAM or the storage Its the bugs Still get errors and sync messages occasionally though
Thanks everyone for the support The comments Even the one about me being old hahahaha All good Some made me laugh and that settle my butt down