New avatar ideas

Hey guys feel free to post cool pics for next season avatar ideas.


Shuddup and take my money!


gimme!!!(this part of the post is just meet the minimum characters)

That’s one hell of an awesome avatar proposal.

The more I look at it the more I want it!..just make it happen!!(put it in the hunter branch)

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This just looks like Dreadnought part 2.

Even the dreadnought dulls in comparison to that. Maybe it’s time for a new reaper to shine. Name this one atlas the guardian or destroyer,or the dark blade or Sirius the “harbinger” of doom,or the devils apprentice,or demon king. I suppose not everything can be skittles and dancing unicorns for spring. While the spring time is a lovely season for flowers and sunshine it’s also a beautiful season for thunderstorms and lightning. Some people like sunshine and others like the rain. Personally I like to dance in the rain.



I’m drooling at these lady avatars…:heart_eyes: And some of the male ones are amazing as well!!

Great ideas! Love the one with the horse :heart_eyes:

Be even better if it were a dragon instead of a horse

Like equestor? Would be kinda cool.

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Why are the women’s boobs so big? And why are the guys faces covered and/or grisley? Us women need eye candy too. :roll_eyes:

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Sex sells, even in dragon games, particularly during breeding events with a new tier :see_no_evil:

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