New avatars Achievements

I was thinking it would be a good idea to create new avatars for milestones outside of events. I know we have a few to choose from now, however, I feel there is plenty of room to expand. Any ideas? Here are a few of mine for example:

  1. summon the water dragon 100x
  2. reach 10 mil medals ( amount can vary)
  3. forge 1 of each boost in forge
    This is just an idea that I believe others would appreciate, especially free to play members. Does anyone else agree? Any other ideas?

Lol its like the same old avatar (DeathClaw, Spiculus, Fang, Laria, Orin, Titan)

And, old years like the same (ancient scientist, dwarf elder, loyal bodyguard, corrupt sorcerer, etc)

Those are event portraits, but maybe I just read your comment wrong

Edit: Replying to ITxDewaMesum69

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The event portraits always look cooler in my opinion :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes I’m proposing that they roll out with new ones that are unrelated to event. Just to have more to work towards. Maybe make the achievement to get the avatar more difficult? Avatars just for bragging rights is the idea.


How about a bunny or kangaroo avatar for the “Team Hopper”???


The Chatty Cathy avatar for posting over 1M posts in TC and LC

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Who on earth would use it? It’s like a stigma.

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SOME would! Lol