New Avatars - - Either as unique rewards or as achievements

I do see this topic has been brought up several times, and it’s being discussed right now here

But that title really started as a different discussion.

I’d like this one to have more visibility and for PG to see this really is something players, both old and new, are interested in.

Please, no bring back old avatars or anything about bringing back the past.

What would you like to see “old style” avatars offered for? If you’re a creative type, and as so inclined, feel free to post artwork here too.

Let’s see if we can raise awareness and get the PG design team and the other teams (varies depending upon what we think would be a good way to award the avatars) to breathe some life into this and make it a reality.


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get what you are trying to say. Avatars are already unique rewards or achievements.

There haven’t been new avatars for achievements (unless the iOS only RED versions counted for grinding) since before seasonal divines were released. Savage is asking for more of them.

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oh, ooookay. :o) Thanks, ForSci!

Just an idea:
They could make all those already existing portraits into evolving portraits (like with Ash) and tie them to ever harder achievements.
Own 60 dragons - old portrait
Own 80 dragons - same old portrait but shinier and with a bigger weapon/gear
Own 100 dragons - same style, more badass
Own 120 dragons - same style, animated portrait

(Numbers are just made up, no idea how many dragons I own or how many are in the game right now)

EDIT: Made # of dragons more realistic.
NOTE: Divines also count towards this and make this much easier.

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130ish normal breedable :smiley:

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Zap you!

You brought up “old portrait!”

Zap you again!

You make a portrait unachievable!

But seriously, something like this. Things that people can work toward rather than being “forced” to get in some dragon progression line.

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IMO we need more like Orin, laria, etc etc

Yes. That is where I wanted to go with this. But, what would be an appropriate milestone?

Or, maybe some kind of event, either individual or something split by level rather than by league (just a thought).

Couldn’t you just expand on existing milestones? For example, hatching 100 eggs, ending the week with 1 million medals, etc.

I am in total support of new avatars obtained through some achievements. Having conversations in game with multiple people with the exact avatar makes my head hurt a bit :see_no_evil:


thanks savage, i hope we get some attention from pg… i think people still don’t get that we agree that the old avaters won’t be back but wat atleast something in the old fashion avater styles… none if this creepy portraits with loud colors in the back… feels like a huge coloring board in TC and LC loool.

That’s would be good! But we need some cooler avatars.

OK. So, we want coolness. I’m fine either scaling pretty high. Just don’t go over 100k flames :-P.

But seriously, more in the older style and at least some of them that mark milestones.

Joining the conversation! Thanks for setting up this post @SavageAFforPG :+1:

I definitely agree on the old style. Miss having some more of those options.

Would be cool to have some based on total medals. Could help give grinders/long-timers some cool options as well as be an encouragement to hit real bases and gain medals.

You were my inspiration. I too saw @panda 's dead thread… But figured, Meh maybe now is the time. So let us hope… The idea is not original with me, but enough people appear to want something like this that it’s a shame to let it pass by I noticed.


Would be cool if they could use more of the Irish/Gaelic Gods. The Morrigan could be a lot darker. She is supposed to be the goddess of war that mostly transforms into a raven.

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Good source… But I’m trying to propose new avatars, not change old.ones or bring them back.

I agree that the Morrigan doesn’t look like the goddess of war and death who turns into a crow. Not sure they should change the avatar though. Maybe give the old avatar a new name and make a proper Morrigan? :thinking:

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In general, anything that can be achieved is great, when everything can be bought on an individual scale how can a team game survive long term?