New bot support testing

I don’t think a new knowledge base bot is the answer.

When I first started playing this game back in 2016 your in game customer service was very strong I would even say it was industry leading. I always had the feeling that most of your reps wanted to help me with the issue and resolve it.

I took an 18 month break in 2018 and on coming back into the game your customer service is now unfortunately very poor.

No complaints with speed of a response it is usually very fast the problems are :

  1. Inability to see the issue. If something didn’t work or I didn’t get an item support can’t seem to see the issue. They will be like " you didn’t open those 10 gold chests so thats why you don’t have XYZ item. "

I’ll take a screenshot of my zero gold chests and they will be like no thats not right you definately have 10 gold chests on hand.

  1. Poor knowledge of the game. Many reps don’t really know how the game - atlas, events or basic mechanics even work and they come back with answers that don’t make one iota of sense. Often trying to wing the response by answering a slightly related question instead.

I had a rep give me the run around the other day and they kept saying I needed to open new tickets to resolve the same issue.

  1. Inability to authorize corrective rss. If something goes wrong and you can prove it then they don’t seem to have the power to correct the issue. Its just a sorry I can see the issue but I can’t help you.

  2. Lack of a feedback loop. As players we should get surveys to provide feedback on if the issue was solved, if we were satisfied with the result and then any other constructive feedback.

This is what I think really needs to happen -

  1. Build a dashboard for the reps so they can see what is going on in the players app.

Give reps a button to resync your PG server to our mobile app. We shouldn’t have to delete the game every 4 weeks thats just crazy land no other game I have ever played solves every game issue by deleting the game. The risk is that people just cbf installing the game again.

  1. If the reps work 8hrs a day make it 7hrs work and 1hr playing the game - pay them for 8 hrs. If they don’t know what we are talking about then they can’t help us effectively. Give them bonuses for hitting dragon tiers and atlas milestones. Let them progress like a player.

  2. Give your reps authority to fix minor rss issues. For bigger issues have an escalation system where a line manager can review the issue and authorize corrective rss or actions if it is warranted. Empower your staff.

  3. Have a 2 way feedback loop. Build a feedback rich culture where players can provide feedback on your staff and where staff can provide feedback on us.

I think these steps will get your customer service and our plyer satisfaction back up again.


Love this one!


yay more robotic answers that’s always a good idea :sweat:

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I did the same thing, but I took a two year break and started in June. WD has changed since I first started winter 2016. The support is bad and I get multiple people on one ticket. I usually get the same answers “re-download the game, clear your cache, sign in and out, etc”. I usually do all of that BEFORE I ask for help by support.
Since human support doesn’t seem to work, I don’t think that a bot will be able to do anything more. Players will just get automated responses to do the same thing.


I had FIVE people on one very simple ticket the other day.


I agree. I think they’re using Zendesk and using prompts to respond to tickets as it is so most of the time you get the same response as usual nit directly addressing the issue and then you respond and get someone else who may give you a completely different answer until eventually you get to someone who can actually help. They need to make sure they’re actually reading tickets not just using auto fill replies. Support metrics will look better if tickets are handled more efficiently as well.


I’m pretty sure they only do that when there’s a major issue in the game and they get a bunch of tickets regarding that, but even that can be annoying when it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of your ticket.

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With zendesk you can type @lag for example and an pre written response populates with fields you can tab through to edit like players name etc. They need to not answer tickets if they don’t have a solution and instead assign it to another representative who knows the answer.


This is absolutely needed. I’ve had to teach reps what Inner Fire is and what it does. I’ve had to teach them the difference between primarchs, and they consistently request that I do the whole airplane mode, force close, delete, restart, stand on your head saying hocus pocus in the middle of active Atlas battles THEN refused to refund troops while acknowledging that I lost them while a known ongoing issue occurred. I’ve also had to teach them you cannot offload app data on my IPad (is this the case with all IPads?) multiple times in the same support request.


The subject line says bot. But the body of the suggestion is clearly talking about live agents.

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fair enough wrong topic my bad

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