New bug / exploit?

Just reporting a new (?) bug/exploit: player attacked with first drag, base owner is defending. First drag got killed. Second drag is Quilleth, when coming to second long, the visual of the drag greys out and he flies over the base, towers cannot attack.

After clearing the island, almost when reaching next, dragon shots “backwards”, targeting and destroying all towers on the long island, even the ones on the far end.

Amazing view, but did not look random as the player was obviously attacking my towers.

Pretty bad bug and it basically does not allow to defend at all…

First drag behaved normally, again suggesting this is something the player can activate as needed.

Ticket sent but wanted to check with the community if this is known or new.

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Ain’t that a known sync error?

There’s been a comparatively recent post with a video showing exactly that, iirc.

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Visual bug?

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When dragons fire backwards is the problem in internet connection most of the time. At one time long ago there was a server side problem in sync but I don’t remember it happening for a couple of years.


Sync error.
As someone who has had it backing themselves with an alt, the second dragon is flying normally to them. And all towers fire normally as well. It’s everyone else that sees differently.

Happens to me every time I get a defender. My dragon hovers in place on island 8 eventually gets to the kill island but my visual is still hovering and shooting sideways. If not an auto fly drag I’m dead.

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Still strange that it happened only to the second drag… first one flew absolutely normal. And got killed… maybe a coincidence but to me it looked like an exploit.

It’s a major bug never ran into it but a dragon shouldn’t be able to do that.

Player 2 prob has the bad internet like I do… same hovering for me if I join a run and there are defenders

It can happen randomly to any dragon. I’ve seen first and seconds fly normally but the 3rd buggers up.

Same player, second drag